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Living a Hectic Life

Oh gosh, I’m so screwed.

I have my full-time job which requires me to read books I’ve never really understood the fundamentals (finance, corporate governance, business processes etc.) but I enjoyed doing it very much. However, I do think I am a little underpaid for someone who churns out new business ideas that is being translated to millions of dollar, monthly.

Next is the part-time job which requires me to be creative in designs. It was a hobby-cum-business. I enjoyed doing it very much, unfortunately, lack of time and attention stagnant my efforts. Nevertheless, I still do it depending on my availability.

Golf. It’s like a drug. No further explanation needed.

Girl. Yeay, I finally know that my life is heading some where despite the bitterness in previous years. Although it has taken lots of my attention, time and effort, it’s worth pursuing. Where else in my aspect of life I get the opportunity to make myself feel appreciated after all the hard work?

Part-time student. Having to read lots of management books as part of my full time job, I am enrolling myself into a masters programme. Most think Masters is just for brag and prestige, not for me. I want to learn in structured manner not by just picking up little pieces here and there.

Assuming all 5 takes its’ course, I’ll definitely have a hard time coping. My resource is finite (time and money), so I guess I have to selectively dismiss at least one or maybe carry everything in one basket ? Too optimistic but I like 😉

ps: Satanic Icon of NH? Pftt..

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bro, aku menawarkan khidmad untuk buat part time dgn hang. Ok dak? Haha… Series. Nak buat part time in designin. Tapi kan aku seorang noob aka newbies. Boleh ke? Meh meh aku try. Sementara blum masuk fasa second audit.

P/S: Lame btoi menyepi. Bile tah boleh ngeteh ngan hang lg… Kalau memalam, hang dok main pesbok je… Hehe… Apa pun, life must go on.

hehe. bila dah kerja, dah ada keje offline dan online, kene plak sambung study, kene plak nak ngorat awek, nak main golf..ohh..memang banyak benda. Aku dari dulu menahan benda-benda camni..

lol. feeling underpaid?

imagine how it feels like when you slave yourself silly to the government in order to save lives and all you get (apart from the measly salary) is complaints from the ungrateful public who loves to default (and would come again and again to the hospital with the same problem) and refuse treatment as well as curses and shouts from the specialists who think that house officers are lowest ranking creature on earth and somehow have forgotten that they were once in our shoes too.

welcome to the club. 😀

Babe, we’re on two different field here. You save lives, I save profit. Mine involves corporation, yours’ involve household. But I do have to agree with you, docs are underpaid. But come to think of it again, everyone in Malaysia is underpaid 🙂

I think I have to learn to bersyukur with what ever I have. At least pulang ke rumah dgn duit halal 😉

Banyak nak kene blaja bro. Aku pon tatau mane nak kasi ko start. Mungkin first sekali ko bole blaja, try buat PSD layout, pastu CSS kan. Kalau situ ko berjaya, nanti kalau ade PSD ke CSS aku bole upah ko je. Senang keje aku 🙂

although it is very energy-draining, somehow i like keeping myself busy. It makes me feel my life is worthy knowing i dont waste it to nothing everyday. And plus, when I have work to do, at least I have something to look forward to everyday i wake up.

so, good luck with keeping yourself busy. just dont overwork/overthink, nanti beruban..satu keje nak cari dye hitam bile nak kawen ;p

Hey there. I was actually googling something and accidentally I found your blog and been reading it since. And I really like it! The writing is not too berjela2, meaningful, open, and most of all, I am really impressed with your English. I wish I could write like you. Look forward to read your upcoming stories. Kudos to you!

Kalau kerja makan gaji kat Malaysia nie, memang terasa underpaid dia. Compare je income web designer/web developer sini dengan western. Sedey. Orang2 bisnes cakap, kalau xnak rasa underpaid, run bisnes sendiri. Nak lagi sedap, cari customer luar. Rate and payment mmg leh mark up agak tinggi berbanding customer local. Kau sendiri tau kan kenapa.

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