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Linked In, Thanks

Stop being humble, you are popular lah NH. My whole division reads your blog. In fact, I told them to.

Everytime someone tells me I’m popular, I’d deny as quickly as possible. It’s not an act of being humble, but to avoid deeper conversation into this petty matter. NH is a tale for my unborn kids of how their dad struggle and think during his early adulthood.

I have every reason to scared of popularity. For starters, you’ll have haters. KennySia has KennySai and DawnYang has her many lies. My hater will definitely be a Saint, he’ll be known as KomaPutih.

Popularity will eat one’s soul. The last thing I want to add to my attributes is snobbish. Although I can’t deny I am one, having more will disrupt the harmony of this shaken mind.

Ok, enough crap talking. Truth is, I’m honoured you took the time to read NH.

I feel kinda bad when people popularized me on their blog by putting up my url. Somehow I did not link them back. Not that I don’t appreciate, but I truly believe, if someone were to jump out of NH, I want them to land on a better blog. Not a crappy one that auto plays MP3 and takes forever to load.

For that reason alone, I ripped off the Lingo page and replaced with Linked. Adding links is my discretion. So please, no hair pulling is needed to be there.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

54 replies on “Linked In, Thanks”

Fame is a vapor; popularity an accident; the only earthly certainty is oblivion.

-Mark Twain-

NH is like a dark, black,thick coffee with no sugar/milk added. The bitterness, the foul taste of it is what we need in these wickedly ‘sweet’ world.

aisey men.. what a suprise.. my link was here…
hehehe… thanks so much men!

I really like your speeches above… hehehe~ Seriesly,
it would be my pleasure to link you back.

Segan seh… taiko bleh ade link aku… tapi aku cume
subscribe RSS Feed… miahaha…

What ever ar… at least your blog is only the one my
favorite English Blog. Blog lain, aku tak paham… hehehe~


komaputih! Nice one.

I agree with your take on ‘quality’ link out blogs. Which is why, link-exchange, is on my list of “10 internet has-beens”, especially amongst widely read blogs/personalities.

wow i didnt know about that. IMO no one will dare to be your enemy. Coz your reader are your friends and you replied to almost every comment there is on this blog. Totally much different from those two blog.

ptg tadi aku dah baca… tp aku mcm xde idea nk komen.mungkin sbb aku tau betapa ‘wicked’nya ko ๐Ÿ˜ˆ tp at last aku rasa ptt berterima kasih sbb sudi letak link beloq aku yang aku tak pasti menepati kualiti sbnr atau aku hargai smua tu. err… beloq xde ke? ๐Ÿ™„

haha. u got me wrong la dude. you are not going to list all the blog you had subscribed are you.. just those that matters to you.

btw i enjoy reading yours. i’ll be thinking again if i should add you to my list. its not a big deal right..

i’m sorry for being sarcastic. peace

LoL. Nah, it’s just a mere question.

The list is very very young. I’m subscribed to at least 300 blogs, it would be rather impossible to key in everything in one night or a week or to have listed all of them there.

nice talk kidd.. im a newbie of NH blog… so..i would like to say that your blog is kind a good,neat and also valueable to read.. although i dont have any idea in blogging…but i love to read yours and someone else too..

eddie,ni plak pendapat aku.. ๐Ÿ™‚

aku bukan sekali dua pernah lepak dgn ko n dgn kwn2 yam,dlm byk2 kwn2 dia aku suke dgn cara ko.
humble in a way..funny in a way..
ko xkan brag xtentu pasal.. :up:

ramai gak orang sakit hati ngan ko eh.. hahaha.. normal ar tu..

bro, link aku takde pon… tapi mmg la takde sbb aku baru link kan blog ko ni.. hahah.. sbb ape aku x link kan before? sbb blog ko ni dah jadi makanan aku hari2.. dah hafal dah URL dia.. siap dah subscribe rss lagi.. rss aku bila lagi nak subscribe? hehehe..

ok mekasih..

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