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Let’s Judo!

During an odd holiday, I decided to be a potato couch and watch the tele until I came across this ninjutsu and judo show.

After analyzing the moves, I decided to wrestle my youngest brother. He is 5 feet 10 inch, 15 years old, a lot taller and bigger than me, holds a 1st dan black belt. If there was any criteria for a perfect victim, it would’ve been him. Not because of his size or martial art background but because he’s my youngest brother and I get the final say.

After testing out a few moves, we wrestled and try different interlocking position. Damn it was awesome. I finally knew how to break an elbow, throw people bigger than me, most importantly defend myself in a brawl. I did get a scar on my forehead, but that’s just speck.

I realized, I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. Being 29, I don’t really care about being macho and shit. I do what I do best, be myself.

ps: to my youngest brother, bring it on!

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