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Few years ago (long before I became a web developer), I was so frustrated with the Malaysian Web. It was ugly, hideous and non-informative. It’s still ugly, hideous and non-informative.

Let’s look at a Major Player. When was this web updated?

I expect for them to be better. As the leader and only company on Forbes 500 from Malaysia, slow, delayed and ill-informed, is this the kind of image they way to portray?

Anyway, over the weekend, I was pretty bored. So I emailed a few bloggers to help them with their design (I know these bloggers use plug and play templates). Nothing wrong using a template, it just need some minor customization.

Out of all the emails I sent, 1 replied. She is a sweet girl and the author of Merdurian, called Vickie. She agreed to let me design an icon for her. I did a durian with some animation. Hope she likes it. (Took me 2 hours, told you I got nothing to do).

Anyway, for those who need help their icon, drop a comment or email me. But do me a favor, be sure you know how to change them. There’s a lot of information on that so read on.

PS: Vickie, a ‘venti latte’ would be fine (for the designing fees!) LoL.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

19 replies on “Let’s Help Web Communities!”

Aku dah ada favicon, so nak mintak pendapat ko. Bagi aku dah cantek sangat dah…

Cuma yang aku bengang, pasal sidebar aku. Kalo viewed with IE, Advertlets ngan GrabMyAds kat sidebar kiri aku akan jadi terkekanan sket, menyebabkan sidebar kanan turun ke bawah. Any idea?

P/s: Ko kenal najmin aka mache kan? Kem salam ek kalo jumpa dia…

P/p/s: Tanak link blog aku ker? Aku baru jer add NoktahHitam to my blogroll… 🙂

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Uhh, good job with trying to make the world wide web a nicer looking place. Slows down the deterioation of our eyes from staring at the computer screen too long. As least now we’d have NICE things to stare at. Haha..


p.s. If only you could make people like me comel too. XD

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i think i come to the right blog.. maybe you could create, design or make a favicon for my blog.. logo pon xde lagi.. hanya tulisan taszara kat header blog aku tuh.. tak kesah bile2 lambat2 pon takpe.. ade mase terluang boleh lah buat.. asalkan tidak menyusahkan anda.. hehe..

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