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Less Charging, More Shaving!

This is the final episode of review from me for the Aqua Touch AT940. The battery usage is awesome, the shave is close and it’s very sturdy. However, the price of the unit is not so enticing.

I have been using for my 4 weeks of stay in Melbourne and I intentional left the charger at home. My occurrence of usage is about 2-3 days per shave. Therefore, I’d say it’s promise to deliver 60 minutes of shaving is about right. Though I did not time the usage to its exact minute, but I figured it’s a fair estimation.

Less Charging, More Shaving! 1

So far the unit has been kind to me. Gives me a great shave but sometimes too close to my skin. It does leave me with the same burning sensation a normal shaver would give, but it wears out about 30 minutes or so. I have to blame myself as I’m not too familiar with ‘lift and cut’ approach.

I got to say, this is the most sturdiest shaver I’ve ever tried. It fell a lot of times and did not disintegrate itself like a mobile phone. In my quick adventure, in and out of the forest, travel through public transport, it took quite the beating as it sits at the bottom of the bag. It still works find.

In conclusion, if budget isn’t your constraint, I’d definitely recommend the Philips Aqua Touch AT 940. Best shave an electric shaver can ever give you. If you’re still in the market for it, get the lower models. Personally I’ve never bothered with shaver above RM 150, throughout my 5 weeks review, this has totally changed my perception of shaving experience.

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