Layout Competition: Faces of Malaysia. RM 1.25k To Be Won.

We all know I currently have a day job, but still I get request for quotation more than I used to. So I’m rounding up all the talents here for the next possible project.

At the moment, the client requested a mock up and I have identified 3 competitors bidding for this project. And since I don’t have time to draw more than 1 PSD format, I will have to make this a competition. I will submit all the designs and IF I win the bid, I will be awarding RM 1,250 to the winner (upon first payment from client).

These are the details:

  1. The title is Faces Of Malaysia. It’s a travel website for a travel agency that sells ticket for inbound tourism. Which means to say, they promote Malaysia overseas about the attractions in our country. (No e-commerce or online booking at the moment)
  2. If you took/borrowed pictures from Flickr, please remember who they’re from. I don’t want to be linked to copyright infringement.
  3. The design must have a Header, Highlighted content (animated jQuery slideshow, but you do not need to do any jQuery stunts here), Content area, Sidebar, Footer and a Search Form.
  4. Colors can be used freely, but preferable if you could justify the design.
  5. Corporate look based on Grid layout. So those who likes fancy background, please loosen your art sense. (I generally prefer sharp and simple designs)
  6. You can submit more than 1 design.
  7. Remember, IF I won the project using your design, you will be rewarded. RM 1,250 for a start. I could give more if I win big. But IF I don’t, sorry πŸ™
  8. The layout belongs to you in case I don’t use it.
  9. Please use the attached PSD, it can be downloaded from here. (it’s based onΒ 960 grid system)
  10. The design must be unique, not from template. Automatic ban for life applied (for future projects).
  11. Closing date is on 11:55pm Monday, 8th February 2010. You can submit in JPEG or PNG to me,

How to design? Have a look at LiteTheme mockup, Laman7, Innobiologics. This is what I mean by corporate. You might also want to Google on Travel Websites and get some fresh ideas from there. Best, check out CSSΒ galleries. Here are some sample,Β,,Β, and

So you can’t design? Well, help me promote. If I win this project, I will give RM 50 to the top 5 redirecting to this post.

Remember, I am thriving on IF I WIN. But with good designs, I don’t see a reason to fail. So all the best to participants.

ps: I will do one also. If they like my design, then I am RM 1.25k richer.


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  1. nice! ramai yang berbakat kat luar sana tu. apa lagi anda semua, tunjukkan bakat anda πŸ˜‰

    aku ni tak reti design. kalau tak nak gak try :p

  2. Waw,lumayan sihh!
    Malangnya aku memang tak gheti mende2 ni πŸ˜›

  3. Ape lagi, tulis laa kat blog deme. Kot2 ade can nak menang RM 50

  4. Ko tak reti design? Ini semua orang tau. Hahaha. Tak pe, ko cekal je tgk jarak jauh.

  5. sholud state the closing time as local time KUL πŸ™‚

  6. wah. nak masuk . psd je kan? =)

  7. Mostly local yg nak masuk, so aku expect org KUL/Cool je design kan πŸ˜›

    Ko tanak masuk?

  8. PSD je bro. In fact, tak yah antar aku PSD pon tak pe, JPEG or PNG πŸ˜‰

  9. Oh how I wish I have the capability. I’ll help for free.

    Tapi apakan daya, tak reti.

  10. memula rase macam senang jer.. lepas tuh tetibe buff… ilang abes idea. demm… kriteria dia ketat giler. dah la tadek xperien pon. haha.. ape-ape pon aku cube gak ah buat. at least belajar je dulu. nanti belajar coding dari psd plak.

  11. wahh menarik contest ni

  12. erk.. kena design scara coding ker, kena design pakai photoshop jer nie? nak format psd jer kan?

  13. Photoshop je. Coding mane ade org amek mase 2-3 hari. 1 minggu logic la jugak.

  14. good luck! πŸ™‚

  15. Ni yang buat teman rasa menyesal tak belajar guna Photoshop ni. πŸ™ Anyway, Good Luck k?

  16. bro contest ni sampai bile? rasa cam nak tolong pomot ajer kat blog..huhu..untung2 ko leh dpt tender ni kire bagus tu..huhu

  17. tak sempat nampajnyer..dateline jap sgt..huhu

  18. wow!! macam menarik je ni.. nk cuba.. tp mcm tak sempat.. err.. cuba jelahh..

  19. Aku cam berminat je nak join.. hehehe.. πŸ˜›
    tp rasa cam x sempat lah..

  20. Aiseh, baru tengok, besok dah due date.
    Good luck untuk sesapa yang hantar artwrk πŸ™‚

  21. Setakat ni, baru sorg je hantar. So bole je lagi.

  22. cool
    but didnt have any idea to create website

  23. jst submit one . =)

  24. gilalah, hadiah lumayan. tp malangnya manalah aku kreatif sgt nak design layout bertemakan face of malaysia. huhu

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