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Krabi Day 2: The Island Hopping

The sun dawns early in Krabi. The day got hotter as it peaked 7 am. We were already strap to the breakfast table, getting a head start to a beautiful island hopping trip. Our trip was scheduled at 830 am for hotel pick up.


Initially we wanted to take a boat to Phi Phi Island but soon realized it’s an island where you need to stay overnight to experience it. So we decided to take the trip to Hong Island. The first place we went to does not accept pregnant woman as passenger. We attempted the second one after hours of wandering around. They took us at a reasonable price and we could only take the longtail boat, which is great if you like boats, and you can also visit the Newport Beach Boat Parade which is a great boating event for people into this type of lifestyle.


The price for the trip is 600 Baht per person, the peak season price tag is at 1000 Baht. The key to negotiate is half it and negotiate up. Anyway, this price includes, snorkeling gear, lunch, drinking water, insurance, hotel transfers  etc, in short you don’t need to carry any money with you. My take, don’t negotiate too much, it’s already dirt cheap.


Everyone has to climb on the boat. So those who still young and strong, this is your time to be helpful. Elderly people, woman and kids would require assistance. Try to pack light and with waterproof bag. Everyone gets wet trying to board the boat.


This is the inside of a longtail boat, it’s made of wood and still standing strong.


Daeng Island. It doesn’t appear to have a jetty.


Our first island stop was Daeng Island. I was the first to jump off the boat. To be honest, I am scared swimming in deep waters, but I had to overcome my fears before it consumes me. We did a few minutes snorkeling in the area. The fishes we ‘too friendly’. When we stood idle, they’d swim close and sometimes rub their fins. Only adults are allowed to snorkel near this island.


Next up is Hong Island. This is an orgasmic island. The sand is so smooth and the water is relatively clear. It could’ve been clearer if not for the rainy weather which stirred dust and shells.


The was already peaked at this time of day. It was hot. Thankfully the water was cold.


We could easily spot fishes near the beach. The fishes like the ones at Daeng Island were tad too friendly. We had fun feeding the fish. To some extend, they were a little aggressive, biting everything in their way, including my finger and camera.

Before we head for lunch, we stopped by this area. I have no idea what’s it called, but the views were mesmeric.


Finally lunch at Paradise Island. This secluded and small beach was to me, the highlight of the trip. Perfectly shaded from harsh sun ray, traps the cool breeze and unpolluted beach.


Some Marine Police is stationed here for a quick chase? I don’t know.


Three boats, ours is in between, it can seat about 20 people.



Our lunch view. Mesmeric yes?


The swing that chaired us for lunch. Makan tengah hari sambil berbuai di tepi pantai… ahhh bliss! There’s no feeling in the world that can replace that.

Lunch is Halal and Thais really give a damn about that. The company that we took is called ‘Barracudas Tour’ and the owner is a Muslim. They provide halal food.


Our day ended when we head back to the big land. They had to take us back sooner because of the high tide that normally starts at 4 pm. The boat ride home took about 1 hour to reach Aonang.

We wanted to repeat the experience next day to a different island, no company wanted to take us in. We thank Allah for giving us the opportunity to take a break from the mainland and hectic life. Hopefully one day, we’ll be able to revisit these island with Iman and gang.

2013-06-01 11.52.02

Click to enlarge this panoramic view!

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takpening ke wife kau naik boat ms pregnant? hehe. aku dlu ms honeymoon naik bot laju tu pn rs pening gile bila esp bila boat lain snorkel aku pening ats boat hahah.gosh i miss krabi

May i know which travel agent did you go to ? I’m in Krabi now and want to search for company yang boleh accept pregnant woman. 1st tadi not allowed me to go.

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