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Krabi Day 1: The Introduction

We got our tickets at a very low price, RM 315 for 2 to Krabi. Thanks to some AirAsia promo. The down side is that our flight was at 7 am in the morning. We had to leave early to catch the flight. I had also recently learnt the proper Thailand and phuket pronunciation so that I can communicate with the locals properly.


We arrived Krabi at 815 am local time. We decided to take the bus for more adventure (budget sebenarnya). It costs us 300 baht for both. 600 baht would be the cost if we took the taxi or private transport.


The bus isn’t that bad. If you have loads of time at hand, why not?


It took us 45 minutes to reach hotel. We stayed at Aree Tara in Aonang. Because we arrived early, we weren’t able to check in yet.


We rented a bike for 200 baht per day (about RM 20). I was laughing my ass off while riding it. It felt like a toy bicycle, very low pick up and slow. It was just good enough to take us nearby. It’s not very aerodynamic either and because it’s light weight, it wobbles every time the wind blows. Overall, it was fun.


The day was getting hotter, we decided to hang out a place that provides aircond for free, where else can we go if not McDonalds. We also needed to figure out how telcos work in Thailand.


I was recommended by a friend to use Happy Tourist. The starter pack is 49 baht for prepaid, free Internet for the day of activation. There was several packages, daily limit, duration in days and time limit. We used the time limit package where it’s 30 baht for 5 hours data use  in 7 days. It’s not like we use data every time of the day, when we’re not using data, we switch it off.  We got the cheapest top up for 60 baht.


This is our hotel room. Just as advertise in (the place we booked)


Two elephant and a combined super twin bed.


The toilet is clean and decent. We paid about RM 600 for 5 days and 4 nights. RM 150 per night was a deal we couldn’t resist. However it was a bit far from the tourist attraction. The plus point is, cheap hotel and very quite.

Tips: Don’t get an expensive hotel if all your activities are outside hotel.


Manggo sticky rice was the first meal we had. It proved to be the best meal we’ve ever had for the entire trip. Food porn will be tomorrow or the day after 😉


We were fortunate to arrive on Friday as Krabi Town has night market on weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). It took us 45 minutes by motorcycle doing 40-50kmh (I told you the bike is slow).

This is fried ice cream, she literally fried them on the cold slab. She poured in yogurt/cream and flavors of choice. Dice and flip to trap air, then serve it in a cup. It’s a manual way of making ice cream. Tastes just about the same as normal ice cream. We have to admit, it’s the most eye catching stall.


They provided a place for us to enjoy our street food dinner. It was convenient and we had fun watching the shows and dance by locals. It got pretty pack as dinner time arrives.


This is a great idea of making money. Donate and Paint. I was surprised he could withstand people painting hearts on his nipple. If it was me, I’d be laughing my ass off and peed in my pants.

Some points I forgot to take photos of are:


It’s small, clean and tidy. The staff were friendly and we immediately knew where to go upon arrival. It’s hard to get lost in such a small space. Compare to LCCT, it was easy to get lost, there weren’t many sign boards. Baggage claim was quick and easy.


The local speaks Thai and very basic English. In rural areas, they don’t speak English at all. This is where gestures and calculators are important used to negotiate with the locals. If you’re going to complain or ask complex questions, I recommend you don’t waste your time. Get a data plan and Google it.

Asking for directions is as easy as a single liner. For example, “Aonang?”, they’d immediately connect.


My wife told me a tip she read online “Thais are very happy people, don’t offend them”. It was hard to offend them as they smile almost all the time. In Malaysia, only 10% would smile at strangers 90% have straight face. In Thai, it’s the opposite. They are very nice. Even when you negotiate and bargain at a terribly low price they won’t be offended. They love what they do and would love to repeat the good experience from you to another.

ps: I’ve some videos to share swimming with fishes. Catch me tomorrow ok!

Extra Picture


Sexy woman with sexy manggo sticky rice.

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Nak buat mcm mana, mak tak bg. Aku kalau lawan cakap mak, confirm ade buruk akan terjadi. So better tak payah try lawan.

Nak plan pergi trip family-family?

Sana hotel murah2. Low season bang.

Aku baca entri ko tu. Sumpah haram. Bilik tak kemas, bau hapak, bayar mahal, paling penting tade name ko dlm system. Mmg teruk. Bukan nak burukkan business org lain, tp teruk sgt ni. Aku rasa ko boleh buat aduan kt tourism malaysia.

oii murah gile tix 300+ g balik for 2! aku dgn kr smpai dkt nk 1k tix flight sj. arghhh.
we stay at ananta burin.
ok aku nk gelak part bawak motor slowww.kau dh biasa merempit laju kt kl hahaha. lg ok dr aku yg kene bawak kr naik motor cz dia xtau bwk motor / xde lesen pn. tp mmg xpyh lesen pn. lol.

too bad aku g xdpt la berpasar mlm bagai.huhu.

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