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Kisah Robot

I never thought I’d miss saying this to my wife. It has no clear meaning but every time she asks me anything, I would just say robot (if I do not have the capacity to reply). Yes, the perks of marriage is your wife asks you lots of question. It makes you feel like you’re an information counter or someone who has really huge brain and can answer everything.

Any how, here’s a few example of our conversation.

“B (yes we call each other B by the letter), nak makan apa hari ni?” – robot.

“B, nak pergi mana weekend ni?” – robot.

“B, you tgh tgk citer ape tu?” – robot.

“B, you tgh main game ape tu?” – robot.

“B, power cermin mate you berape?” – robot.

“B, kenapa you suke robot?” – sebab robot adalah awesome!

Fortunately for her, I don’t annoy her by answering robot all the time. It has to be funny and I had to wait for the punch line. Hmm.. who would’ve thought that I’d miss annoying her.

Hmm.. I miss her.

ps: I lost my pencil case 🙁

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One reply on “Kisah Robot”

and everytime u answer robot, my face looks exactly like this: -_-

awww, and I’m sorry u lost your pencil case. I know how much it means to u. I miss u too b. :'(

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