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Kinrara Golf Club Review

I woke up early in the morning feeling dizzy knowing I did not get a good night sleep. No thanks to my diarrhea, but despite my mishap, I played golf across the new golf course netting installation with my best bud at KGC.

Travel (2/5)

The journey from Keramat AU takes about 40 minutes. We had to take the MRR2, on to Kesas and GPS some part of the way. Going there was a breeze since most of KLites are stilll hung over from weekend party. Heading back took us 1 hour, no thanks to the traffic.

The road isn’t exactly smooth, there’s a lot of huge bumpers, gravels and uneven roads along the way.

Service (1/5)

When we reached there, we were greeted by some Nepal or Bangladeshi, the first thing they asked was “Bola ada boss? Kalau takda RM20 for 12.” That was bad, although I do appreciate the concern. But think about it, if you’re going to play golf, wouldn’t you at least have all your equipment ready the night before? Like make sure you bring your Best Irons for Mid Handicappers. When I got to the counter, I told the girl some friend of mine made a booking (but actually I don’t know whether he did or not). She asked for her superior, whom spewed pretty nasty word, “Lain kali tak bole datang macam ni je, kene booking, nasib baik harini tak banyak flight.” Man that was cold and rude. I really wanted to leave the place and spend my money elsewhere but knowing that my best bud will be heading to West Coast in the evening, I shrugged and pretended I didn’t hear a thing.

Price (1/5)

I’m not so sure what’s so great about the Club, but I was told this is where noob golfers go to. They charged a frigging RM 340 for the two of us. That’s RM 170 each, and I have never paid that much for a such an easy course, with weak-sluggish buggy and drainy course. We also got RM30 food voucher, which we don’t really need. I guess they wanted to keep kitchen alive.

Most noob places charges RM100 plus minus, but RM170 is definitely a ripoff, especially if you have rude fat desk girl and golf ball pushers.

The Course (2/5)

It’s definitely a lot of fun playing with my Skis. We laughed a lot, made fun of people and played an extra ball sometimes. But seriously, the course is a lot fun. The fairways is wide, makes it look near when actually it’s 300 meters away.

I’d give a 4/5 if it wasn’t for the the things above.

The Fairway (3/5)

We played early in the morning, there was no running away from plugged ball. (Plugged is when your ball sank into the ground). As the day progressed, the fairway hardened, it got pretty fun.

The Rough (3/5)

The grass wasn’t too tall. It was pretty easy to strike the wood and hybrid.

The Green (1/5)

Every single green on the course has a mind of it’s own. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow. It was very hard to predict where it was heading. So the best way was to aim for the pin and control the speed of the roll.

The Companies (1/5)

Like I said, this is a noob’s course. There was these group of people who wore pretty striking shirts, pants and shoes, or practically showered themselves with golf brands like those found in the Intech EZ Roll chipper reviews and other golf magazines. And boy, did they ‘play’ well. I don’t mean to laugh at people, but 5 strokes and they’re only at 150 meter marker. It took hours for them to finish a simple Par 3.

The next crowd was some uncles, playing like their in PGA or something. They were really taking they’re own sweet time. We swing anyway, and it landed very close to them. These fella got upset and yelled at us when we met at one of the crossroad, although we’ve apologized many times. It came to a point where I almost raised my putter. But knowing we were wrong, we kept our heads low.

In all honesty, just let us pass. Don’t hog the course.

Overall (1/5)

I’m not setting my foot there anymore, end of story.

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10 replies on “Kinrara Golf Club Review”

Whoa.. RM170? Weekend rate eh?

Thanks for the heads up. I shall cross this course from my “To play list”. LOL..

Have you tried playing in UPM?

You need a caddy in UPM. No matter how accurate your tee-off is, most of the holes, you can’t see where your ball lands.

And you surely need buggy. You walk, and you’re dead at Hole 5. Haha…

Too bad we had to rate KGC so low. Quite a nice course. But of course, attitude and emotional environment rot anything beautiful.

“In my club, you would’ve been suspended for 6 months by playing dangerously like that.” Monyet.

We were tee-ing off, for god’s sake, when the ball reached them, where they were having their 3rd, probably 4th shots. Cranky old noobs!


H/P :012 – 6720581


Good Morning Rosmaria,

I am William Tosh and booked a flight on Monday the 10th or 17 of November. During the initial round of golf, it started to rain and my flight (3 people) continued to play until lightning was seen in the vicinity of the 5th hole on the front nine. We stopped play due to the conditions. After about 25 minutes we headed to the clubhouse as the conditions were not improving. We did not hear the siren go off warning others of the condition. The flights that were behind us were not seen as they were obviously taking shelter as well.

When we reached the club house we informed the front staff (Sue) of the situation with the expectation of her checking and sounding the siren. (Nothing was done). We requested a rain check as it was not safe to continue and the reply was that the siren had not gone off so a rain check could not be issued.

We requested to speak to the manager and Sue went to speak to the individual. There was not a great deal of confidence from a customer point of view by now. We did not get to speak to the manager and after a long discussion (No Manager Involvement) we were given a 9 hole rain check to be used before the 24th of November.

At this stage we left the club feeling disappointed in the customer service we received as your front desk person was bordering on rude and making gestures that were not understood whilst turning her back on us and not answering our questions.

On the 21st November my flight returned and we approached the counter (07:50) to check in for a round of 9 holes as we had appointments later in the morning.

The from desk (Sue) was on duty and took the rain check and was informed clearly that we only wanted to play 9 holes. She then told us that we had to pay over RM 240 for our round. It was reiterated that we were only playing 9 holes and should not be charged this amount. Sue did not understand and then became VERY RUDE by gestures, Body Language and once again turning her back on us and not answering.

We requested to speak to the manager once again and we were informed that the manager was not in and would only be available at 09:00. As we, by this time only had 30 minutes to wait we did so.

At 09:10 we asked for the manager and was once again informed that the person was not in/available. At this stage one of the ground staff joined the conversation and clearly stated that as we were only playing 9 holes we should only be paying for the buggy and insurance, (RM60 +) and Sue could not or would not accept this. Once again the manager was phoned and eventually we were charged for the buggy and insurance and could now proceed to the golf course.

The following points are:
Rudeness of the front desk staff (Sue) is not acceptable and requires immediate action on your behalf to rectify
Training of the front desk staff appears to be non existent
Rudeness is an acceptable strategy to be employed by KGC against your customers

If the above is acceptable then I will not expect a reply and unfortunately I will not be recommending your club to anyone and will probably tell them of my experience to justify the non recommendation.

However, should this not be acceptable to you, I will expect a reply stating what your actions are and providing some of reassurance so that I will come back and play on what is a very nice and challenging course.

Should you wish any further information, I will only be to glad to meet you to discuss the issue

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