Killer Love Tag

Before you further read this, I just want you to know, I’m writing this not to pour my heart out nor I’m trying to brag. I believe in honest writing, so that’s what I’ll do.

Apparently Smaelz83 tagged me, let’s see how transparent I can be.

1. How many time have you been in love?
I’ve been in 13 relationships and fallen in love once. The L word doesn’t struck me so often.

2. 3 songs that make you remind of her?
Only 1 song that reminds me of her, Fenix TX – Tearjerker. you can listen to it in my Tape section.

3. What is the romantic thing that you do for her, or she do for you?
Is writing a song is romantic enough?

4. 3 nicknames she uses to call you?
Ewin, Emin and Min. When I was young, I spelled my name Edmin.

5. List 3 places you go with her?
Library, Malls and garden.

6. What is the best memories with her?, (picture is better)
Our second date, dinner beside the beach. I can still remember what we ordered.

7. What is her birthday, if you remember?
15th … let’s keep it a secret.

8. List gifts from her that you like?
Ferrari Black perfume and Cherry flavored Labello lipbum.

9. How you declare your love to her (man), or how you accept his love (woman)?
1st of April 2001, a long text file (I wrote using notepad).

10. How long you take to forget her?
Let’s see… never.

11. What is her physical part that you like about her?
Her lips. I like to stare her lips when she talks.

12. What is she doing right now?
Not at liberty to discuss this with you.

13. Can you accept her back if she want to?
Most definitely.

14. Have you contact her(ex) when you with your partner?

15. Have you done something inappropriate with her(ex) before?
If shoplifting is considered as inappropriate, then yes.

16. Did you go out with her(ex), without been known by your partner?

17. 2 things from her(ex) that you keep, without been known by your partner?
The Log book of our fights and her faulty mobile phone.

18. Do you think your relationship with her(ex) is hotter than with your partner?
I don’t really understand this question but she’s the only one who inspire and make me work hard without lifting a finger.

19. Do you hide something in your mobile phone from your partner?
I don’t care if someone were to raid my phone. I remember memorable SMS by heart.

20. Have you cheated or try to cheat your partner?
I’m very loyal.

21. Who should do this tag?
This is downright challenging so I will tag whom ever is reading this and compelled to write about it. Else, let it slip away.

ps: I wrote a completely different post before and realized, why I am sharing this infamous story with the rest of the world? So I heavily edited it

pss: People, pss is my trademark. Please use PPS if you have to

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44 replies on “Killer Love Tag”

Haha.. wow.. brave gak abg NH kita nih… ada shoplifting lg… thx man for doing this tag.. wahaha.. I dunno if someone else who really brave enough will answer this tag.. You, me, lochoe, kak tie and Ixora (still in draft I think) have done it!

Anyone else?! muahahaa

That’s why I said in my post; this is really challenging if your are married, or in heavy relationship. So, it’s up to you to answer it, becoz u are one the reader.. hoho

ps: Kak Tie is married and have kids but still answering this tag.. she is so brave! :up:

shoplifting=mengangkat kedai? ahaha berani sungguh kamu. kena tangkap tak?

anyway, it really took some courage to write this kind of entry. scary, eheh.

aduh.. aku pon guna tu PSS..
Sebab dulu masa technical writing, aku diajar pss instead of pps

ps : it means “post sub-script”
pss : also valid and means “Post scriptum scriptum”

weih.. mcm mana la aku tak terbaca komen2 ini semua.. sblm kita gi lepak.. isk.. rupanya aku kena kutuk.. patutla.. tadi rasa mcm kena kutuk (terasa yang betul)… isk perlukah aku jadi baik.. sbnrnya dunia ini pentas, manusia adalah pelakonnya.. sbb aku baik di dunia luar (telah diakui oleh awek2 dan gadis) so aku cuba menjahatkan diri sedikit didalam blogging world ni… bagi balance.. wasotiah..

apa2 pun.. huhu… akubaru nak baca cerita diatas.. 2/3 hari ni duduk kejar dateline.. tu pun aku tergaru-garu lagi nak siapkan.. sorry beb…

aku kalau skali kluar malam, rasa taknak balik terus.. punya la hardcore… kalau sembang sampai matahari terbit pun aku on.. tapi sbb kl matahari terbit, view x cantik.. baik tak payah.. huhu.. tadi aku drive balik.. keta mabuk, himpit aku punya la bab%.. isk…

yeah.. kak tie superb… perghhhh… very2 superb.. share… please… courage is everything, there will no KLCC, there will no KLIA and there will no UUUU if there are no courage to do that… take the challenge and be brave.. just do it.. (NH mmg best dan sempoi….sbb jawab TAG ni..)

erm.. i understand how do you feel, i feel the same when expose this tag.. perhaps, try to give thanks to her , ( apologize for everything.. it was really great feeling when you apologize people who hurt you compare to hate her…thanks to her who give chance to share a memoriable time,

without her, you’ll never feel it… its not bad if you ever feel it.. sometimes.. i try to view how its a joke to me, how i’m so happy that time, and it will tell me, who i am the real one…people are come and go.. one day you will fine your life-partner..

what i want you to do after answer this tag, is forgive him, forgive everything.. dont let any hatred, furious, dendam isnide you.. try to feel.. happiness when you forgive people.. its really great feeling.. feel it.. tell me what do u feel..

apologize —> change to —> forgive : my bad, my english is really poor.. ehe.. sorry sbb dilahirkan di kampung sahaja, cuma pandai terjun sungai dan sawah…

teringat that one nite, aku kau n mulder in the old lexus pegi carik rumah dia..sesat kemain, ingatkan kat mont kiara..hahah..

then again, that was a heck of a fun night. simpam lg tak cd tuh? bleh layan flavor of the week and best i ever had lg, hehe

pss ko punya trademark eh? ๐Ÿ˜› share share lah.. hahaha! Ok Ewin? ๐Ÿ˜€

This is a damn hard tag.. considering those who will read the tag if I do it. ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„ I am tagged by Aeropama (Cilaka ko Syam.. !!).. let me think about it. Membuka pekung di dada ni.. susah sikit har har har!

:up: good.. suka bila tau ada masih ada guys yang loyal

jap about pss tu, i tak tiru eh.. sejak kat wordpress lagi dah pakai pss.. tau yang sebetulnya pps pun bila you wrote about it. dunno why i am telling you this.. just to inform kot. sbb tak nak kata peniru ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

tak bole.. tukar to PPS jugak. I don’t care what ever it takes, just TUKAARRR..

hahha. just kidding ok, jgn amek hati.

There’s aplenty loyal guys out there, you just have to find the right circle ๐Ÿ˜€

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