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Khairy Jamaluddin – Kids Can Manage Malaysian Petrol


I wrote before about Petrol Price in Malaysia.

I am compelled to write this after watching KJ’s Video Campaign being shoved into my face. Firstly, I would like to congratulate KJ on his website, it was completed 1 day before the General Election, *bravo*. Secondly, you don’t have to mention your dad’s secondary school, it has nothing to do with you.

In his video, he butted in some of Anwar’s clip about petrol hike. He said that in the 90’s, petrol per barrel was USD 14-20. Today, it’s USD 100++. He also said that KIDS CAN do the calculation to sell petrol, I take that as an insult 😡

1st Point – 90’s Per Barrel Price and Today

In those days, Petronas sold petrol at USD 14-20 per barrel. Question: Is Petronas still selling at USD14-20 today? If it is, then it shows either Petronas is stupid (which I highly doubt), KJ’s researched was half-assed effort or KJ is trying to make me look stupid.

It’s a simple trading skill, sell above your cost to gain profit, everyone knows that. So if Petronas sales is banked on the international market, do you think Petronas wants to make lost by selling at USD 14-20? I highly doubt so, in fact, Petronas managed to secure RM 86 Billion of profit in 2007 (which was not listed nor mentioned in Forbes).

He also said that Petronas used that profit to venture and expand the national oil & gas business. Now, allow me to shove this into your face KJ, Petronas used 27.1% of the profit, to expand their business (according to theEdge). So what happened to balance?

2nd Point – Price Hike and Profiteering from Rakyat

If you look at the graph above, you will see a steep price hike between 2005-2006, 30 cent to be exact. Before this, it was (at most) 10 cent increase and you called this subsidized?

My peers, friends and family obviously have no problem paying RM1.92 per liter but lets put this on Macro level. Higher petrol price = higher logistic = higher cost = higher sales = higher price in everything, and that includes our teh tarik, roti canai, cooking oil, oh darling, do I have to spell everything?

Lets put this the other way around. Lower petrol price = lower logistic = lower cost = lower sales = lower price in everything. In the end, Lower Sales – Lower Cost = Profit, same as above, with exception, bigger spending power and more savings. With more savings = more investment = more business = more jobs = more tax return = more government profit. Get my drift y’all?

In the end, government gets all the credit, spends money vigorously, first class facilities, and in return the rakyat still gets dirty water, pollutions, more traffic jam and more headache. So who to blame?

3rd Point – Do I hate KJ?

Yes. It’s very, very hard for me to hate others, especially those I am not close to (even more a stranger). But when someone starts telling bluffs and degrades intelligence, that’s where they crossed the line. In this case, he said “even a kid could sell petrol and gained profit”. Although that was not referred to me directly, I find it hard to accept, especially when KJ used it against Malaysians.

ps: On 2nd thought, I like KJ. If not for his remarks, I don’t think I have anything to blog about ➡

pss: KJ, next time bro, think thoughtfully before making any statement. You keep changing lanes so often its very hard to catch your ‘sales pitch’ :mrgreen:

psss: Special thanks to ChanLillian on KJ’s Website update & the 12th General Election result

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25 replies on “Khairy Jamaluddin – Kids Can Manage Malaysian Petrol”

They are too blind to see the full circle. All they care is losing subsidized money (which I doubt is cash). Anyway, this full circle would take effect about 6 to 12 months. They should give it a try ➡

Very unlikely. If the price of petrol goes down, other necessities that depends on petrol have to go down as well. This will create quite a scene for business owners 🙄

Just let the gov make some profit sometimes, isn’t that ok? 😆

Secara basic nya, aku kagum dengan KJ sebab dia genius, pandai, cunning, dan aku nampak dia sebagai seorang yang berwawasan. Dia ada agenda dia sendiri. Dia je yang tau kot…
Dia punya english slang US pulak tu despite blajar kat UK…

Cuma aku kurang suka dengan bab “cunning” tu…dan very “opportunis”….

Better kalau ada lebih byk orang cam dia dlm alternatif…

zaki’s last blog post..Make Sure You Renew Your Domain On Time!!!

Kenape orang kate slalu kate die genius? Arwah Adlan Benan pernah cakap, die masuk oxford sbb arwah ayah die push application die dan die cume 2-pointer student.

Zaki, kalau ko pegi oxford pon ko bole score 2 pointer 😮

aku dengar kj dah kalah dah, dah syiok gile aku baca sms tuh, tetiba dia menang with 5k majority? they sent all the postal votes to him and hi FIL (FIL was leading with only 1k votes, later won with 20k majority?)hence Kayveas and the rest of the gang tak cukup spare postal votes to save their asses 😛

When talk about whther I like Khairy or not, then I will say NO because not everyone could effort to pump petrol at least RM70 everyweek. If every year keep increase the petrol prices, Malaysia inflation rates will be getting higher.

Well, another question I should discuss with you that abit related about religion. Hope you and your reader don’t mind about this. Since PAS-PKR-DAP is fighting for the Mentri Besar seat, do all malays support Islamic economic in Malaysia? Chinese like me afraid of everyone are not allowed to wear sleeveless and other stuff like Kelantan state mentioned in previous days b4 >< What do you think? Im very interested to hear Malays’ opinion

vickie’s last blog post..Get FREE Domain Name and Hosting, Convert Your blogspot to Your Own Domain

Its actually very hard to discuss over a blog. Just ask your chinese friends from kelantan. Are they being oppressed?

The Islamic economy is nothing new. Its been practiced 1600 years ago. It’s the current pattern that has to be changed (gov project only open to Bumi).

In other areas of your living, you dont have to worry so much. But of course if kacau neighbour, surely kena la.

Nice post over there masri…er…i mean, eddie…

Last year PETRONAS gave over 70% of their profit to the government. They use their 20% something for their own growth. Even a 20% can secure such a huge development of the oil and gas industry, how much do you think is 70% which was handed as per government deal with PETRONAS?

Believe me, my wife works with PETRONAS, and once that Hassan Marican mentioned in their closed seminar that PETRONAS is pretty much capable of paying 6 months bonus to all of its employees, and at the same time, pays each and every Malaysian, regardless of their races, religions, young, newborn or retired at least RM3000 each. How many Malysians we have now? Times by 3000, and you’ll get my point.

I have a lot of things that can make KJ swallow his own s#it if I get to sit and talk about this with him face to face (preferrably in front of international press, Malysia punya press takleh pakai).

Nasib baik bini aku tak bagi aku jadi wakil rakyat hahaha…

On the first place wat pe ler amik budak KJ tu punya idea, kan dah kena congak dgn blogger… 😆

Anyway, KJ stinks, looking at his richness it’s filthy nobody has any idea where that money comes from, PETRONAS again at this current price perhaps??? 😆 He’s such an idiot, I heard he won that Rembau due to undi pos? Betui ke? Then lagi tak respek la geng Mat rempit ni.

To me cling at mother’s skirt like him at this stage anybody can do. As long as that FIL is alive, but kalaulah ditakdirkan apa-apa berlaku pd FIL, SIL I don’t think he’ll be around, tambahan abang ipar dia ada rumah kat Australia RM 60 Million!!!! I do hope it is his personal money but with that amount many poor could get benefits too.

Anyway nice try KJ, as long as I am alive no vote for you.

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