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KFC & PizzaHut: On the brink of Bankruptcy

Last month I wrote about boycotting American and Israel products. KFC recently announced a substantial amount of loss after the campaign was launched.

KFC Holding is owned by QSR Brands, a subsidiary of JCorp Berhad. Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim, JCorp’s CEO urges people to quit the campaign and support KFC.

It shows two things; people can live without KFC and/or the campaign work.

Now the company is heading south, KFC should consider rebranding. Taking design into my own hand we get the following.


It may not be as easy as I make it sound, surely it’ll involve millions of advertisement budgetary. But I’m convinced, instead of paying the American franchiser, QSR Brand should keep their 15% profit and steer the company away from Bankruptcy and unemployment.

The first few months, KFC will probably end up losing a lot more. Afterall, they’re back to square one. And brand building take years and years of hard work. Backed by their 27 years of experience, I’m sure KFC could shorten the span.

So KFC, here’s your option:

A. Stick to your branding and bet that the boycott is just temporary.

B. Rebrand KFC, face sue by parent franchiser, unlock 15% unseen profit (from commission to franchiser) and win the heart of millions.

Personally, I’ve never favored KFC. They’re a bunch of liars. They claim the chickens were cooked in a high pressure oven, in reality it’s deep fried. The oil oozing out of the chicken can testify to that.

ps: It is your discretion to boycott or not. No silly taunts please. If you hate me, let’s take this to a fist fight. Be a man and step up to your game. If not, shut up. I don’t need to listen to a bunch of sissy little girls.

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44 replies on “KFC & PizzaHut: On the brink of Bankruptcy”

eddie, good idea with the spartan kfc~! but i jamin takde budak-budak yang akan makan ayam spartan tu. you tak rase muke spartan tu macam garang and tensen sgt ke? heheh

SFC..??!! Really..??!! Hahaha.. I wonder what happend to KFC at my hometown.. Baru je buka last year.. Kalau diorang ade krisis lagi, mungkin akan tutup kot.. Hurmm.. Oh ya.. Last few weeks, aku ada pergi KFC to eat, sebab dah kempunan sangat2.. aku tgk dlm tu ramai je org melayu (termasuk aku).. Hurmmm..

“Tan Sri Muhammad Ali Hashim, JCorpโ€™s CEO urges people to quit the campaign and support KFC.”

Something hit me when I read this line, but I prefer to shut my cute mouth. ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜†

Spartan Fried Chicken sounds very… sexy.. haha.. yeah I think Kentucky Fried Chicken is just a ‘fried’ chicken. Sangat banyak minyak. And I dah almost setahun tak makan kat KFC.

Fist fights? Nigguh please, you sound as intimidating as my 7 year old cousin. Please stop talking about shit you know shit about, rebranding KFC? WTF were you thinking? There’s a reason why you’ll never own a company as big as KFC. Stay be a pissed-off blogger, rant all you want, nobody cares.

p/s: FUCK YOU!

Only in Sarawak I think. Few outlets in Brunei. Last time when I was studying in JB, they had one near Tampoi. Eh wait!! I think KL has Sugarbun, it’s located beside the MRT station behind KL Sentral!! Er, used to have. Now become kedai mamak heheee…

He urges people to quit the campaign are the same as come support Israel. For me Iโ€™d rather let my tummy growling than seeing people get killed. I personally would say he should not suppose to say that, as a human. But on the other hand, he is the CEO and he has the responsibilities to create profit for the company.

On top of it, it was his name that really hit me hard. ๐Ÿ™

They claim that they cook chickens in “high pressure ovens” *rolls eyes*one has got to be insane to believe what they say ๐Ÿ˜› my uncle worked for KFC and he told us that they reuse the same deep frying oil for a week or so, until it turns all black and gross. It does sound like me ripping a line off a chainmail, but to think of it, reusing oil did save KFC out of bankruptcy. Imagine using a fresh wok of oil for every round? Their chicken is gonna cost gold, man.

It has been ages since I last ate KFC. I prefer McDonalds, although I still keep away from their nuggets (you know about this right? They make nuggets out of dead/near-dead chickens). Scary stuff.

Conclusion: Eat at home, no matter how bad you think your mom cooks ๐Ÿ˜€

ayam goreng kunyit or ayam goreng biasa lagi sedap woooooo. makan plak ngan nasi lemak panas. sambal sotong menggiurkan. sambal udang fresh2. kekacang rangup. ikan bilis kecik2. hehe
perghhhhhh heaven !

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