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KeKKWA Teaser

KeKKWA Teaser

The Ministry requested mock-up from me. I will be waiting for their response on this. Just in case I don’t win the job, here’s how it’ll look like. I’ve been working on this for almost 2 days . I completed it. Now wish me LUCK!

KeKKWA stands for Kementerian Kebudayaan, Kesenian dan Warisan Malaysia.


This is how it currently looks like. Ugly? Sinful? You tell me!


This is how I’d liked it to be. Love it? Tickle me below~

I don’t mean that ‘below’. Just comment ok?

Will be leaving for Kuala Kangsar tomorrow morning. Can’t wait for the fun to begin!

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

29 replies on “KeKKWA Teaser”

Cool stuff dude. I like the later one of course. It’s more sophisticated looking than the other one which looks a little less than professional and CHEAP!

P/S : Put my picture there would be better. 😛

eddie, rasanya ur work is far better, tapi kan…hmm…tapi i think it is better if you retain some conventional and traditional features from the current website. urs is a bit too modern. for a government agency. anyway, of course i prefer yours. good luck!!!

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quite a daring design for a kementerian website.. and i love it!

btw, i just thot if there is a watermark of a traditional wau/congkak/tepak sirih/kebaya/sulam-sulaman in the grey/grey black background would give it some “unsur – unsur” traditional as commented by some above. so then it’ll be balanced between modernity and traditionalism. just my two cents of course.

i like the menu arrangement, very systematic and up-to-date design.. again, my two cens worth..

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Eddie, I don’t know which edition is yours. I can give you my sincere comment about 2 design above.
The first 1:
If the site is targeted on a foreigner, then this site is absolutely WRONG because English should be the main translation. Most of the foreigner don’t know BM language so they might give up to read those BM and don’t even know English translation locate on which part.
Background color is OK BUT the layout size is too small and all the main contents combined together.
Circle contents is outdated and I don’t know what does the calender shown for what purpose.
Background and font color doesn’t match at all. Like the background is yellow orange, the link is blue… hard to see at all!
Right side button and the words alignment doesn’t match at all

Second Design:
Background color shouldn’t be black color. I got no feel that the entire page suitable for the kebudayaan theme. Entire site looks like technology or game site…

sorry Eddie, this is my true comment I’m not purposely teasing one of your work above. As you said this is your 2 days work… I know 2 days work wouldn’t have perfect result.
Yet here I wish you could win a government project!! Good luck!

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komen aku, secara ikhlas yg no 2 tu terlalu modern dan kurang unsur kebudayaan. maybe ape kata cuba dapatkan sikit sentuhan artistik kibal untuk layout belakang dia. no 1, warna dia x bleh blah. hehe..

Its too modern for the Government. This time I was given a bigger time frame. Lets hope I can create something out of ordinary but not too funky looking.
Thanks for your comments 😉

though the first one is ugly, i believe the message is there.. the theme is right, only the execution is not that great.. just that it needs to be in english..

2nd one, wanna look profesional but you’re missing the fact that it IS a heritage kinda site..

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