Kebijaksanaan Mutu Manusia

Read the below poem, over and over again.

We offer our youth,
To the world we build,
With courage and truth,
And love fulfilled.

A city will rise,
That is bright and fair,
Into cloudless skies,
And fresh clean air.

Proudly we’ll serve,
With faith will strain,
Muscle and nerve,
And heart and brain.

‘til wisdom descends,
like a silver dove,
‘til evil ends,
and the law is love.

Can you reflect that onto yourself?

Do me a favor, hardcode that onto your head, while you’re still useful to the society. Don’t wake up in your 70’s and tell yourself “I should’ve done better“.

That is not a poem, it’s a song. More precisely the MCKK anthem until 1971. Anthony Burgess wrote it for MCKK’s Golden Jubilee (50th) in 1954.mcoba-president-night.jpg

Speaking of MCKK, I was invited to President’s Night. The attire, sharp Bond suit, which I hate wearing. Oh well, time to print out those name cards again.

Pretty Good Picture

I couldn’t resist to camwhore when Camus pointed a Nikon D3 in my face. I look kacak. Yeah, it’s the hair-do. I can introduce you to the barber, but you’ll point to my head while saying, “I want that awesome haircut.” That wouldn’t make me unique would I? So no, I won’t take you to the shop 😀

ps: Gosh Ed, I know that shirt is comfortable, get a new one please! It’s got bleach all over it!

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36 replies on “Kebijaksanaan Mutu Manusia”

(maaf meninggalkan komen tak berkualiti :P)
so u pegi la ek?
snap some pictures 😛
let us see 😛

i hardly remember my school song..gosh i dont have one as i’m from sekolah kampung 🙂

but..i’m proud with my school :up:

perhaps u should go with the person besides u.. ➡

I don’t like my school song. It’s snobbish. But I like this one, though I dont know it’s being sung.

Read it once, you get ready. Read it twice, you get set. Read it thrice, you’re already off to “berbakti”.

ps: I have no one to go with.

Hahaha.. Pen kat tangan kanan tu untuk picit jerawat ke..?? hahaha.. btw.. Pergi la ke president night tu ngan gaya rambut gitu.. mana la tau.. kot2 leh jadi the next james bond.. haha..

One face u can see, the other you can’t.
(YOU do the math)

p/s: i was actually gonna say u shudnt hv pixelated her face. But ahh, her = you, lagi best. =P

Wahaa. Habit yang sama! Out of topic sungguh saya ni =p

Eddie, saya setuju dengan Izzy punya komen. Her = you. Though I know (we know) u are not transgender nor intended to. Huhu.

it’s great to be together with old friends again 🙂

i luv to see some of my x-schoolmates become very good friends, even they were enemies throughout our years in school 🙂 :up:

i love this song a lot eventhough it’s someone else’s school song, dah melekat in my head bcz i keep on repeating it and asyik cari lirik dia. it’s very inspirational and the words are very nice and deep. lucky you to be a part of such *i cannot describe it well* school. the pride, the bond, the school, the everything, they are all so heart-warming.

haha forgive me, i’m in a cloud, but yep, truly amazing.

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