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Kau Dah Kurus

“Why is it when I see you every time, you look thinner? Are you on drugs or makan hati?“, a friend asked me.

“Still far from berkotak-kotak“. I replied, bringing my ego down to earth.

HAHAHAHHAHAA“. She laughed.

“Did I say something wrong?” I questioned her uncalled-for laugh with a smirk.

“How can a human be bersegi-segi?”

I guess she never knew the loosely Malay translation of six eight packs. Oh well. I may look skinny, but I am slightly above my ideal BMI at 24.5. Tips: eat rice once every other day (2 days, 1 rice serving).

Baring Lagi

Photo of the day, “Kangkang!~”.

ps: Jenny in sick bay. Hope she doesn’t sound like a washing machine or vibrate violantly like before. I’m forking a month salary this. Grr

Berkotak-kotak : Box shaped
Bersegi-segi : Edgy shape.

pss: Is that a thinning or bald patch on my head? I hope it’s the swirl

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24 replies on “Kau Dah Kurus”

eddie, i am shrinking literally now ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

if you think your BMI is over the ideal one, pass me the extra baggage then lol

p/s : btw, you look fine je to me ^^

Berpetak-petak tak de ke..?? Aku notis jugak dalam page sebelum ni.. Apesal skinny je incik eddy ni ye..?? Rupa2 nya dalam misi ingin menjadi berkotak2 rupanya.. hahaha.. Nice posing la dude.. Nanti masuk contest Malaysia DreamBoys.. Hahaha..!!

Gimme your extra BMI if you don’t want them! I’m more than happy to carry the extra weight that you don’t want, hah! Oh, and I never knoew berkotak-kotak means until you told us what it is *facepalm*

Read on Twitter that you’re getting productive. I thought you always are? ๐Ÿ˜› good luck! Have a great weekend!

aku pon diet nasi skang! well..almost the same..satu serving je sehari (lunch),mlm mkn lauk dgn brocolli/salad..

aku baru perasan yg kat sini pon omputih mkn nasik jugak..bezanya beras sini lagi lah pelbagai jenis (dan menyihatkan i assume)..xpenah2 aku dgr beras yg pelik2 tuh kat msia..beras jual kat sini xmelekat2 bila masak (even basmati,weird..)

btw..dah tau kena “teknik kangkang” pakai baju putih lagi..kan dah kotor..hahaha

bukan six(atau eight) pack tuh ketak ke? bukan kotak?
(tapi bila google balik takde pun ayat ketak)
aiseh, salah ayat suda,
kalau eddie tak makan nasi eddie makan ape?

mcm nenek? aaa mcm nenek yang tak cukup vitamin kot to be exact

i’ve been eating crap lately.oh homesicknye rase! ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

blanje kan ticket balik Msia satu please, you did say you baik hati kan? lol ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

xsilap aku..berdasarkan kamus utara aku (ahaha) ketak(maybe kertak lagi betul) rambut kerinting..ala mcm farah fauzana dlm melodi selalu sebut tu.. ๐Ÿ™‚

tapi baju tu putih gila! nmpak lagi line lipatan kat bahu (maybe line seterika) mcm baju baru..looks like t-shirt to me
hmm i thought allowed BMI for men is between 22-26?
btw to get that 8-packs must have very2 low bf (body fat)..not sure, this thing they called “fat caliper” kalo nk measure

A friend of mine during college time did not eat a single butir of nasi. He munched green apple all the time. I did not know whether he was cutting corners or so, but he turned skinny and transformed to a strapping lad.

Maybe you should try green apple diet too.

I tried that before and succeeded for two days only. I still eat a generous serving of rice for my lunch and dinner, and of course I do jogging early in the morning.


kwn aku (girl) pon sama! kat college dia diet epal hijau gak semata2 utk sesuaikan diri dgn dress utk grand dinner..nampak amazing,mmg berkesan! tapi epal hijau 24/7.. ๐Ÿ˜•

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