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Kambing Busuk


I had my lunch at Restoran Soto Seksyen 8 in Shah Alam. Upon digging in, I found out my mutton smells like it has gone bad. I told the owner, which operates the cash counter.

She told me, “mana busuk, itu daging baru.”

What a looney way to convince me. Denial! Look, I’m 29 years old this year and I know the difference between good and bad food, especially those that has gone really bad. This one was no exception. It reeks so bad, definitely not from the herbs.

I’m not asking for money back. I just wanted to inform her so that she can take it off the dinning rack. This way, no one will have it and risk of losing customer. Since she consistently denied, here she goes on to the world stage.

As customer, you should fight for your rights, if not just inform others to stay away. Things people would do for profit.. hmm. Let’s just hope my tummy doesn’t get upset.

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