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Kacaulah Internet Pak Cik

I was waiting for my brother to finish his night class in the car, a pak cik came out of his house topless asking me to lower my window.

Kacaulah Internet pakcik!

WTF? How can a parked non-running-engine black Gen2 disrupt the harmony of your WiFi? Did my car absorb your signal?

Seriously, if you want me to park elsewhere, just say so. I’d be happy to move my car. There’s no need for you to lie.

If you have to lie, do it intelligently, else don’t lie at all. Makes you look dumb.

ps: I once wanted to integrate a 14″ laptop in the co-driver’s dashboard. Unfortunately, if I crash, the airbag will probably send all the parts flying. I will not trade lives with a cool car mod.

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