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Adsense on our community portal? Are you earning from us? Please share the income with others. -remarks by some dude.

As seen above, my all time Adsense is only USD6.06. That is very low. Why? Because I hate advertisement. In every website I make, I want to pour my whole heart out and not just some half-bake idea. To be frank, I gained nothing from the community portal. Anyway, I removed it. HAPPY?

I DON’T GET PAID to do all this chores. Do you really like to monitor the site every single day? Ensure that there’s no security breach? Spent a few sleepless night to ensure that the bugs are fixed? Use my own pocket money for everyones’ sake (domain and hosting)? Take out my own fun time just to fuck the website? Do you think I got no fucking life?

All the merchandise I made for the community, do you think I earned anything? Let’s not forget my phone bills? fuel? time? effort? professional fees? I even topped with my bloody money in some cases to make it affordable. Did I ever asked anything in return? Fuck it man. Just fuck it.

Sometimes when you have been relentlessly selfless, you deserve an acknowledgment or at least a pat on the back. What if I were to say, in my case non of those happened? You just had to complain behind my back, bitch about it, all my “hidden agendas” & shit. I do wonder from time to time, why am I doing all this fucking shit? Oh right, because no one else wants to do it! Anyway, I wont quit because a few stench remarks was made. This is democracy, MAJORITY RULES!

I’ll introduce to you a magic word which us Malaysians failed to comprehend, EMPATHY. link to wikipedia. Read and practice, be the better person, if not for the nation, religion, or even yourself, do it for you kids.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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Hmm… Only my tech blog have multiple ads on them, and NONE is Adsense. They used to mess my page up, so I removed them completely. Even though I already have $18.98 at that time T__T

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