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Jodoh Is Overated

I swear, the next time anyone who comes to me and say “dah bukan jodoh“, I’m going to fuck their brains out (provided they have one).

Broken Heart is Crap!

Jodoh is overated.

It takes two consensual people to start a relationship. They have to like each other and explore the dark possibilities. Down the road it might be tough. That’s why you have each other, to pull each other from slumps and break the obstacles ahead.

I am discarding the Greater power on this matter. Whilst it’s true it’s up to Him, but it’s also up to us to make something happen. The only card we can play is ‘Tawakkal’, after we’ve tried our best.

Sorry is just an excuse to fail.

I know I am the better man and an alpha male. It’s only natural to find someone who’s lesser of both. I would pretty much like to be relied on and serve my purpose as a living being. And that is amongst the reason I want a doctor, a delicate soul whom I can protect when she’s on the brink of self destruct. She’d save many lives down the road, so for a change let me save hers.

I’ve been keeping my cools together for so many years. I’ve tolerated and fought countless battles. I always find myself letting others win. I am tired of being a nice guy. I want to take what’s rightfully mine, even if it means beating an old lady with a stick.

If you’re wondering whether this was written in an angry tone. Yes it was. I gave my heart and there’s no room to feel nor empathy for anyone other than myself. Selfish? Very much yes.

Am I bashing her? Now, wouldn’t it be stupid to bang someone you admire? If there’s anyone who needs a bashing, it would be me for letting myself fall deep into something I’m unsure off. For allowing me to follow my gut instinct, when it’s unsafe. For being so fucked up, that I can’t get anything done properly.

I know I am going to regret writing this. But what the hell. It’s my feelings.

ps: Welcome back NH. I missed you, very very much.

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9- 11 a.m – 2 jam baru. ekeke. lepak lar. dokte keje 48jam, tak penah amek tahu kez? =p
org tgk yg melepak 2 jam tu jek.. cube tgk yg berjam2 keje laks . hehe

And that is amongst the reason I want a doctor, a delicate soul whom I can protect when she’s on the brink of self destruct. She’d save many lives down the road, so for a change let me save hers.

Awwwwwwwww dude.

ehem cik Bedah. i, representing all Malaysian young, cute, gorgeous female doctors-to-be ( 😛 ) would like to comment on your statement..

1. we doctors don’t have a ‘8am-5pm working hours’ unlike others.

2. entah2 those doctors you saw baru je habis working the midnight shift. give them some credit lah. bagi la diorg have fun sikit. let me tell you, we don’t have that much fun.

3. setahu saye young doctors tak boleh nak masuk2 keje lambat ni, mau kena pancung dengan senior.

Agree with NH, itu bukan doctors tu, maybe student2 je, yg sentiase stress dan cube menghiburkan hati juge.

Hmm, coming from medical field, it is good to know that someone else appreciate the work of a doctor.

All the best for finding your future wife. If we were able to meet in the future, I might be able to recommend few single doctors too.

p/s: I might add that Monash and Melbourne Uni may share the same IP address since both universities are not that far from each other.

I never thought my comment would be bombarded like this. Haha 😥

With all these concrete arguments, I rest my case.


you should read the novels.. edward cullen dalam movie does not really potray edward cullen dalam buku 🙂 about part mana yang i dont agree tu, kita takut awak going to fuck my brains out la..scary dowh. 😛 cus i believe jugak “dah bukan jodoh” tu..

pernah tengok cerita Atonement? Cecilia (Keira Knightley) & lelaki watak Robbie tu. Apa yang kita leh conclude from that movie is that, walaupun Si Cecelia tu and also Robbie tu struggle giler hard untuk get together again, tapi macam2 je benda jadi sampai la diorang mati. Struggle macam mana pun if it is not meant for you, so it will never be yours.

Tapi setiap orang punya pandangan yang berbeza, and even ‘kepercayaan’ yang berbeza. bukan maksud sy dr segi faith tapi i am referring to apa yang kita percaya pada diri kita. argh. maaf sy pun dah pening dah nie.

.. dan mungkin ada benda yang kita boleh ubah.

I am segregating between faith and personal principle. Personally, faith sounds more like luck and sometimes faith can lead to optimism. In which, if you fail, you’ll crash and burn or use ‘faith’, in this case jodoh, to take the blame.

Dalam atonement, her sister (was it?) yg buat taik. But that was a century ago. Today we are fortunate enough to be blessed by the modern world. We no longer have to resort to arrange marriage. We can choose our partner as pleased.

But then again, it’s what makes you, you. Not me. Jodoh is Overated, I will not take back my words. The only part I would regret, is the anger tone. It might struck as something unnecessary.

bro just to make you feel even better, dorg ni exam kot tadi. so they did spare some time for your blog on the evening right before a killer exam nih. dah2 syuh2 pi practise osce. lepas tu bole dinner (big?) lagi =p

haha…I just finished 1 written paper this afternoon..will only resume studying tomorrow..for now, i’m blog-hopping, facebooking, checking emails every 5mins..

I’m sorry, but hadiths that are authenticated (sahih) are not man-made. Please check back with an ustaz to confirm this. Kalau boleh, kita nak avoid buat statement yang mungkin salah yang boleh confusekan orang lain kan? 🙂

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