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Jodoh Is Overated

I swear, the next time anyone who comes to me and say “dah bukan jodoh“, I’m going to fuck their brains out (provided they have one).

Broken Heart is Crap!

Jodoh is overated.

It takes two consensual people to start a relationship. They have to like each other and explore the dark possibilities. Down the road it might be tough. That’s why you have each other, to pull each other from slumps and break the obstacles ahead.

I am discarding the Greater power on this matter. Whilst it’s true it’s up to Him, but it’s also up to us to make something happen. The only card we can play is ‘Tawakkal’, after we’ve tried our best.

Sorry is just an excuse to fail.

I know I am the better man and an alpha male. It’s only natural to find someone who’s lesser of both. I would pretty much like to be relied on and serve my purpose as a living being. And that is amongst the reason I want a doctor, a delicate soul whom I can protect when she’s on the brink of self destruct. She’d save many lives down the road, so for a change let me save hers.

I’ve been keeping my cools together for so many years. I’ve tolerated and fought countless battles. I always find myself letting others win. I am tired of being a nice guy. I want to take what’s rightfully mine, even if it means beating an old lady with a stick.

If you’re wondering whether this was written in an angry tone. Yes it was. I gave my heart and there’s no room to feel nor empathy for anyone other than myself. Selfish? Very much yes.

Am I bashing her? Now, wouldn’t it be stupid to bang someone you admire? If there’s anyone who needs a bashing, it would be me for letting myself fall deep into something I’m unsure off. For allowing me to follow my gut instinct, when it’s unsafe. For being so fucked up, that I can’t get anything done properly.

I know I am going to regret writing this. But what the hell. It’s my feelings.

ps: Welcome back NH. I missed you, very very much.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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Take time to wallow in your sadness. You know that you’re never going to feel like this again.

“I want to take whatโ€™s rightfully mine, even if it means beating an old lady with a stick.”

Cayalah bro! I will lend you the stick. Old lady I don’t have, you can ask Syam if he has any.

Now, this posting makes me think, about myself. The part of ‘giving in’ and ‘letting others win’. I have a sticky situation on my side now as well. Sigh. Things are simple right, but it’s not simple for us to let people look at it as simple as you want it to be.

I want to win, yet I am powerless to make it happens.

Yup. Human beb.

Even hadiths sometimes can go against each other. Because they are man-made.

“Masa itu Emas” vs “Biar Lambat Asal Selamat”, for example.

Depending how desperate you want to win. Chuck Bass has his own way of winning. Maybe you can learn a thing or two.

If you’re desperate enough to win and don’t give a fuck about low blow cheap sick tactic, I think you should. KJ did it, why don’t you?

wah! entry kali ni aku sgt suke! hoyee! moga2 byklar org cm NH. hehe. NH, byk jek doctors di luar sana yg masih single. hoho. semoga berjaya ๐Ÿ˜‰

“And that is amongst the reason I want a doctor, a delicate soul whom I can protect when sheโ€™s on the brink of self destruct. Sheโ€™d save many lives down the road, so for a change let me save hers.”
wuu! so sweet. bertuah nyer doctor itu!
wish you all the best ya =)

“I know I am the better man and an alpha male. Itโ€™s only natural to find someone whoโ€™s lesser of both. I would pretty much like to be relied on and serve my purpose as a living being. And that is amongst the reason I want a doctor, a delicate soul whom I can protect when sheโ€™s on the brink of self destruct. Sheโ€™d save many lives down the road, so for a change let me save hers.”

Whoaa… nice one dude, seriously…

Buat aku terkesima.


Yes, this job consistently put us on the razor’s edge of self destruction. (even for the students ok. =P)

Waa it’s a great relief to know that wujud someone other than doctors who actually understand us.

hemmm ๐Ÿ™ … i hate this feelings too ๐Ÿ˜ฅ .. as time goes by …everything gonna be ok … maybe one day .. u’ll b thankfull for what happen today … who knows what god already plan 4 u babeh … be cool K .. Its not the “end” anyway …..

In every line I struck, there’s always another story. Fortunately, this was written with lesser (close to non) editing. So everything remained superficial.

Until that day comes, I have to keep searching.

I never intended to write that down, but I guess it’s only fair to let you (and the docs-to-be) know how special you can be to someone like myself.

But tersentuh alone is not enough, cairlaa skit ๐Ÿ˜›

It took me 2 years to decide I want to marry a doctor. Much thoughts were thrown in my face (mostly -ve) before I came to my conclusion.

Pardon me if that paragraph echoes in your mind. I hope you can sleep well from today onwards, knowing you are indeed special in many ways.

As Einstein would put it “Only a life lived for others is worth living”.

I have lived long enough to know that eventually everything will be ok. I wrote it so that when I look back (from the future), I would know and understand how sad I felt.

It’s never ok to be cool. I am not a machoist.

yeah. some people just tend to rush about this thing but it don’t mean you could postpone it forever. just be moderate.

wow. a doctor. hope you’ll be a patient husband and father. saving lives is generous except the one that looks money more than responsibility.

following Sunnah must be encouraged, right? so I pray for you. if she’s not a doctor, she might be a nurse or someone else in medical field. Amin ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I wonder… I also written something about this same date as you… Pelik betul… kita rambling pasal hati/jodoh pada tarikh yg sama… hahahaha…

All the best for you and me too…

Let’s chill down…

I hope you take what I’m about to say, the right way.

Bro, seriously get someone to help you with your English. It’s a mess.

I went over to your blog, and read a few entries. Not that it wasn’t interesting, the grammatical mistakes you made were too glaring.

I share your enthusiasm about improving your English. But writing alone won’t help. You either need, a grammar hand book, a mentor to pin point your wrongs or read more English articles. But I would strongly suggest point 1 and 2.

Everyone starts slow, so did I.

Like I said, take this the right way. I’m sure you’ll grow into an awesome blogger.

You were recently rejected? Actually I had some of the points a long time ago. It only struck me mid day yesterday. Hammered my keyboard, wah la~ an angry post.

Funny we wrote the same day.

Thanx for the guide.. surely I will try to improve..

man.. I am really not good it language though, either it’s English or Bahasa Melayu… aish..

Sure do.. I take your good advice..

No man. Everyone started at zero. I was never good at writing too. You can see my previous blog as a proof. (on blogspot)

The way I see it, every mistake you make will be a learning process. The more mistakes you make, the more you learn. But remember, repeating mistakes is uncanny.

You just need some polishing. Once you’re done, you’ll find a way to write what you had in mine ๐Ÿ™‚

“… a delicate soul whom I can protect when sheโ€™s on the brink of self destruct. Sheโ€™d save many lives down the road, so for a change let me save hers.”

So sweet! Semoga dan sangat berbahagia sesiapa doktor yang jadi her!

in that case, must start lepak in hospitals, cam whoring kt sana,

ps: budget nk cari doctor, skali sangkut night syif nurses lak, mcm mana? hehe

(eddie, my two previous comments kne delete, why? letih je tulis pjg2)

in short, what i was trying to say was ;

im sure you’ll find a doctor someday, trust me (and yourself). entah, i just have a strong feeling you’ll find one =)

I went to this one government funded hospital last year with my big sister. The morning was not too early and it was around 9am at that time (please take note the time I am stating in this comment as it will represent the time line during that event).

An idle mind is devil’s playground, some people would say. So, while waiting for my sis’ obligatory medical check up, I rested in the cafe, with a buckload of newspapers to be read.

There was a young cute, gorgeous female doctor having her brekkie with her young cute, gorgeous female colleagues. It was 9am at that time, the time when I arrived.

The check up took whole lot of time, and I was there in the cafe, religiously waiting. At 10am, I finished all three newspapers. Bored, I went to buy a magazine.


I guess Malaysians are all in pink of health, no doctors are needed anymore.

But that besides the point. The point is, I feel you, NH

Good luck.

I second NH on that.
Or maybe…they were those few bright eyed,bushy tailed fresh grads who came early to familiarize themselves with the atmosphere…
There can never be enough doctors…i assure you…

p/s-sedikit emo coz terasa mcm ‘young cute gorgeous female doctors’ are stereotyped in this comment.hehe

mcm ramai je doctors(to-be) among ur readers..I also have spread ur blog to my colleagues…hahaha..

I’m sure u’ll find one among them if not elsewhere..
keep on moving our hearts with your words…

best of luck!!

Woot! You know a sentence like that hardly comes by. So savor it while you still can.

Good, keep spreading the word. I’ll wash them with “fahaman NH”.

You know, there’s a huge possibility that those are docs-to-be who just completed ward rounds and decided to hang around before slamming their faces back to reality.

Both docs-to-be and docs wear white coats. But when you said young, it must be students ๐Ÿ˜‰

…or, in this case, government ‘pets’. I sent my wife for checkup last Tuesday. During the previous checkup, the doctor firmly said we should be in the waiting room exactly at 2030, and so we did. Since it was night time, the government clinic was closed, and the doctor will only be around at the appointed time.

We were right in front of the door, waiting from 2025. The doctor finally came with her 2 kids, at exactly 2115. Not that late though, but she was the one who firmly mentioned EXACTLY 2030.


ps: Let’s not get off topic please.

Skis, we’re both share the same type of bunker bed. When we say 3.00 pm it means 3.30 pm – 3.45 pm.

But you being a modern Malay, you would know better. I’m sure you’re tired of waiting. If I were you, I’d whack the doc.

“apabila ia berjanji ia mungkir”, yeah salah satu sifat munafik. That’s between God and her.

agreed…I hardly go to hospitals in Msia but what I heard from those who work there, they are very much overworked..they have to face angry patients, patients’ families, senior doctors who have high expectations..they have to multi-task in order to get things done..I don’t think they have time to hang around at the cafe like we medical students do..I guess we’re allowed to, while we’re still students..

hehe its actually nice to know that we young (young la sangat kan mun? *grin*) future doctors have people appreciating and knowing the hard work that we are going to be sucked into. tersentuh la sket hati… quoting mun…

ada part yang kita agree, and ada part yang tak. kena hormat apa yang you rs. lagipun kat last line tu awak dah cakap (kemungkinan) awak akan regret with what you wrote. hoho..

cuma nak cakap, the way you wrote this entry macam style Edward Cullen pulak.. LOL. i just finished reading the twilight and new moon actually, seriously you sound like him…

all the best with your love life. great man wins! ๐Ÿ™‚

Edward Cullen? No offense, but I think he’s a faggot, rather too attached to his feminine side.

All this while, I’ve always admire vampires and draculas, until twilight shows up. Ergghh.. frustrating ok! I guess back to Batman la kot, saving the world from obscene website.

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