The Wedding: Jejak Jasin KNizam

If you have no idea who is then you’re missing a lot or probably you’re one of the new bloggers who don’t really care about anyone else except to make 50 cents per week from NuffNang and Google Ads.

The Wedding: Jejak Jasin KNizam

The destination is Jasin, Melaka. It’s about 1 hour 30 mins from KL (depending on how you drive), 1 hour 15 minutes on highway and 15 minutes on normal road.

The Wedding: Jejak Jasin KNizam

Since this is a blogger-twitter event, we planned a convoy and early birds had to wait. No biggie, as we had our pre-lunch to fill our tummy. We reached the Ayer Keroh stop at 12 10 pm. Later, we were joined by others at around 1 pm. Of course we didn’t mention we were at A&W. If we did, we might have to wait a little longer. Hahaha

The Wedding: Jejak Jasin KNizam

We arrived at about 1.45 pm, plus wrong turns and what nots.

The Wedding: Jejak Jasin KNizam

Tekong went, tunggu bini aku! I snapped anyway. I picked this because of his expression 🙂

The weather was very hot, it peaked 37°C. It’s better hot than raining.

The Wedding: Jejak Jasin KNizam

We skipped lunch for our group photo since KNizam and wife is already on the pedestal.

The Wedding: Jejak Jasin KNizam

Bright sun can be a challenge too, everyone looked dark. Flash can certainly help boost the lighting. Anyway, well proportioned picture. Like 🙂

Oh yes, almost everyone here is a geek or on twitter (except for the kid)

The Wedding: Jejak Jasin KNizam

The music was pretty loud, so we decided to move further. At least we didn’t have to shout at each other to have a proper conversation like we did earlier.

The Wedding: Jejak Jasin KNizam

Pirat and Khairil talking geek, while Megat posing for the camera. Yes bang, macho..

The Wedding: Jejak Jasin KNizam

Tekong, loud as always.

The Wedding: Jejak Jasin KNizam

AzmanIshak, presumably teaching his son to play Angry Bird.

The Wedding: Jejak Jasin KNizam

Raksasa Oren mimicking Usop from Hantu Kak Limah Belakang Rumah. Fave!

The Wedding: Jejak Jasin KNizam

My many thanks to the host and hostess, KNizam and wife. Thank you for having us and good luck in your marriage. May you both find peace and harmony 🙂

Despite the hot weather and long journey, we did have fun. It’s just a little sad that we had to take off early to feed the SUPER CUTE infant rabbits. I wonder how other bloggers were enjoying Malacca?

ps: Next up, mine?


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  1. tue dia…pakcik kay kena lagi. wahaha~

  2. yeah semua dapat badi sickchild72…sakit perut…menyesal bawa

  3. Aku paling awal kena badi eny… haha…
    Rugi ko edi tak join kiteorang marathon g asam pedas..

    p/s : Never trust google maps..

  4. dem yuh! aku kena lagi. tapi hantu kak limah belakang rumah sapa dowh? belakang rumah ko? bukan dia balik rumah ke? :p

  5. Balik rumah eh? Hahaha aku tak igt laa title die.

  6. LoL…azman anak dia kecik2 dah ajar main angry bird, besar nanti mau jadi geek 😛

  7. best lak aihhh.. rugi den tk dpt ikut.. kena bawak awek g jumpa dentist 🙁

  8. Dah besar jadi super geek 🙂

  9. aah, korang tak try asam pedas melaka yg terbaik kot! lain kali pegi, I tunjuk kat korang, dia masak kaw2 asam pedas haha

  10. sume yang join sume geek. haha~

  11. Tade next time dah bro.. kesian.

  12. wahahaha. dulu dah kena sekali. kena lagiii. wahahaha

  13. expression mr.kay terbaik!
    by the time korang convoy, aku baru turun flight 🙁

  14. janji tinggal janji..aku tak dapat pegi sebab kena kerja kat Kelantan. Sorry KNizam and friends.

  15. tunggu korang sampai, sampai habis cendol tak dapat rasa. huhu. dan tambah lagi sampai rambut dah hilang pacak! kahkahkah.

  16. KNO bukan main lagi senyum tak putus!

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