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iPhone 3G is Finally Coming to Malaysia

iPhone in Malaysia

I got this piece of news from The Edge Daily. I was planning to write about it, somehow MohdIsmail beat me to it.

Maxis will potentially bringΒ  iPhone to Malaysia and it will cost below RM1,000 ( I’ll take RM999 as the answer). Having said that, Maxis refrained to further comment on the matter.

Is iPhone cool? I don’t know. I’m always against majority. I don’t think it’s ‘THAT‘cool, but for under RM1,000, I’ll take it anyday.

You know back in those days where Nokia 3210 was the ‘in thing‘, everybody got one and pretended to answer calls, just to show off. I met a guy who owns an iPhone.

*pap* He puts his ‘sleek‘ phone on the table (he’s showing off). ‘What’s that?’, I already knew it’s an iPhone.

‘It’s the new phone from Apple, you know MAC.. something like that, called iPhone’, he replied.

‘What do you with it?’, in a cynical tone, I asked. ‘SMS and call only lah‘.

I’ll stick to my SE W800i. I am an engineer by qualification, practicality comes before anything.

ps: If the plan is right, I might be getting one too  ➑

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51 replies on “iPhone 3G is Finally Coming to Malaysia”

tapi harap jangan lama sangatlah process nak bawak masuk iPhone 3g. nanti dah tak panas lagi. for under rm1k , it seems reasonable. now let us wait for the TnC.

uh oh. *yawn* an engineer cum businessman i knew, got it for free because his boss, usual, don’t know how to use it. hahaha. so he went to low yat, have its system hacked/modified and voila! he’s been using it ever since. with 3G, of course.

now that is uber cool. 😎 not to mention illegal. ➑

get one, surfing on the go is fun with iPhone. tapi built in camera mcm hampeh sket. SE is better in terms of that.

below 1k? dang. I so wanna have one.

I’m not a fan of phones. I don’t even care much about iphone. but now that it’s not more than 1k, and it looks cool. dang.

but, if i have one, i bet it’s gonna get broken in just 2 months. i suka campak2 phone. hahah.

If it is below 1k, I will take it. I played with it before, the old iPhone without 3G, but who cares? It has WiFi capability, just go to anywhere with WiFi connection and hook it up. I just love the browser. Damn big ass screen, for me to online, watch YouTube and movies, writing and reading blogs, listening to songs. Sweet factor as well. Oh, that friend of yours.. if sms and call only, better get a monochrome phone lah haha! I used my phone to the max, installed with Opera Mini, E-buddy, MMS, converted movies to watch.. πŸ˜€

anything under the sun can be hacked, it’s the warranty that matters most. since we can’t insure our mobile phones in Malaysia, it’s quite risky getting illegal ones. unless its free ➑

your phone SE right? Ive tried surfing on my phone, looked stupid and slow.

iPhone is undoubtedly best known for its internet browsing speed. normal pda slow.

if I get iPhone, i’ll listen to music and watch movie, more than I’ll make calls.

cool… 😎 kalau betul bawah seribu,ade rezeki aku beli iphone ni.tapi W580 tetap di hati. πŸ™‚

hmm.. aku okay jer.. aku check mail, read blogs, (dulu boleh reply.. now installed threaded comment plugin tak boleh daaaaaa), Facebooking pakai hp πŸ˜€ yeah, SE k618i :up: dulu pakai nokia, bodoh lah.. sucks at multi-tasking, ada tengah online nak reply sms, hang. SE cool, aku sms, online, ambik gambar, main lagu.. relax jer. normal PDA kalut sangat… I just need a phone to surf internet, main lagu, tengok movie.. and simple PIM functions :up:

if below 1k, i might consider to have one. provided if ada warna pink . ada tak? ❓

but i love my pinkish samsung. but i like iPhone as well. now i’m confused πŸ™„

my dad owns an iPhone. and… err… not bad. i want it too tho, but u know father-daughter rules.

no one can beat daddy especially on gadgets. 😑 :kiss:
i still enjoyed my SE, literally…

aku rindukan zaman2 masa nokia 3210. just right je masa tuh. memang sedap pegang kat tangan. design cun. colourful plak tuh. hehe. sekarang nokia nyer design hampeh menyebabkan aku pegi ke se plak. hehe

iphone? mungkin aku pun akan beli gak kalau less than 1k

iPhone? SE? apa tu? it’s ok don’t answer that. mmg bukan jenis yg suka pada gadget ini. ada phone leh sms, call cukup la. tak amik port pun perkara lain.. hahahah

Ye le tue…iklan seks je asyik keluar kat blog ko ni, sure ribu-ribu seminggu dapat. Cth ads google kat blog ko,

“Faraj Isteri Longgar?
Atasi faraj longgar dan berair. Suami pasti puas.Dijamin. RM67.00”

πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

:mrgreen: Iphone Iphone Iphone….. Tiap2 mlm dreamin bout iphone… ++ lg biler dah ada 3g nih.. TIdo siang pn mimpi iphone…

battery built in? die lor. takpe, battery rosak, beli phone baru! hahaha. right.

vid sex apa barang. gle x best. vid tu, er.. best ah, nak call kwn. huhu

Aku sokong bong! Nokia bodoh setengah mati… bebalik hang … walau apa pun.. I’m still a fan of SE! SE Rox! I’m waiting for that SE Xperia, but if it’s too expensive, then maybe I’ll give iPhone a try πŸ˜›

p.s: Video calls bukan sekadar utk video sex lah NH, my mom-in-law uses that to see her grandkids :up:

Maybe it’s just sheer jealousy, but I never liked people brandishing things that aren’t locally available in open public to everyone. As if they’re desperately trying to make a statement that they’re rich and famous enough to get something that sets them apart from the rest of the society. Richer Malaysians did bought hacked iPhones from the US, and I’ve seen people who wouldn’t stop showing off their new (and useless) gizmo in front of everyone – generally an iPhone in Malaysia can only be used for sms and calling. Nothing else, since local operators do not support features that are supported by AT&T in the US. Whatever 😐

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