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iPhone 3G is Finally Coming to Malaysia

iPhone in Malaysia

I got this piece of news from The Edge Daily. I was planning to write about it, somehow MohdIsmail beat me to it.

Maxis will potentially bring  iPhone to Malaysia and it will cost below RM1,000 ( I’ll take RM999 as the answer). Having said that, Maxis refrained to further comment on the matter.

Is iPhone cool? I don’t know. I’m always against majority. I don’t think it’s ‘THAT‘cool, but for under RM1,000, I’ll take it anyday.

You know back in those days where Nokia 3210 was the ‘in thing‘, everybody got one and pretended to answer calls, just to show off. I met a guy who owns an iPhone.

*pap* He puts his ‘sleek‘ phone on the table (he’s showing off). ‘What’s that?’, I already knew it’s an iPhone.

‘It’s the new phone from Apple, you know MAC.. something like that, called iPhone’, he replied.

‘What do you with it?’, in a cynical tone, I asked. ‘SMS and call only lah‘.

I’ll stick to my SE W800i. I am an engineer by qualification, practicality comes before anything.

ps: If the plan is right, I might be getting one too  ➡

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