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Immigration Office Needs Reform

We’re planning a trip up to Krabi this weekend and I realized that my passport is shy 3 days from having 6 months ‘grace period’. A visit to the immigration is inevitable. Speaking of immigration, here are Some important information about immigration law in the US you should know before planning to visit or work there.


Having failed to renew the week before, I arrived there early, 7.30 am. The line was already by the hundreds. My turn will be the 128th.


At about 1030 am, they did what happened to me the week before. They hung up the ‘offline’ signboard. It’s so apparent that this happens a lot of time, they even have a proper sign for that. Anyway, to those who didn’t get the number for the day, they have to come tomorrow. Immigration is only going to process a limited number of passport per day. This is due to the new polycarbonate passport being implemented. But you are able to fill out this us passport application and make the process a little faster. At about 11 am, my number was finally called. By 11.30 am I was ready to make my move. It took me 4 hours to get sorted and still have yet to receive my passport. I have to come back tomorrow for it.


5 years back, it only took me 1 hour to renew my passport. The expectation was raised so high, that immigration officers are finding it tough to bolster these KPIs.

My suggestion to immigration is, please don’t strip off your old system to replace with a faulty one. At most, they should have 30-7o output ratio of new passport. This way, even it’s down, they can use the old system as back up. A drastic change in security direction and a massive load of public deserves a better planning.

ps: I recently attended a training and I realized the mother of all my negative aura comes from politics and this blog.

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Therefore I guess we (people at my place) are a lucky ones. We have this immigration office so that we won’t have to travel far just to create a new passport or to renew it. Last month my mum went to create a new passport, and the procedure only took half-day. Well, maybe because we are living in a rural area – and not many of us have passports – made the procedure shorter.

So Ed, do you intend to lessen the negative aura?

p.s Glad you’re back!! Was wondering where you guys were.

Negative energy is fun to toy around with, at least me feeling satisfied. But down side was apparent, I’m moody often and find it difficult to control my emotions.

Rural you tu kat mana? Seriously lah, immigration has to expand their business in urban areas. Penuh all the time.

Do you think that your moodiness and uncontrollable emotions have something to do with your other half being pregnant?

My rural is in Kuala Selangor.

Nope. I have always lived been this way since I realized in live in a pit hole and all I do is complain.

KS was recommeded by a friend. I got my passport anyway. đŸ˜‰

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