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I’m Fit, You’re Fat

“I need to lose weight” – Often heard when they’re already in good shape.


I guess Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Abercrombie has successfully brain washed our minds on how we should look like. Undoubtedly, many lose weight and go for Ultra Omega burn to look good, health secondary.

My genetics has proven to get me diabetes and high blood (in the long run). Besides, I was an athlete. It’s my pride to keep in the pink. Therefore, being careful of what I eat and exercising regularly is compulsory.

For those who wants to lose weight, do it silently. So the next time your friends see you, they’d be blown away with your new curvy looks (what ever that means).

I’m fit, you’re fat. Live with it.

ps: Someone accidentally bought me lunch ๐Ÿ™‚

By NoktahHitam

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37 replies on “I’m Fit, You’re Fat”

yo bro.. hang atlet ke? erm.. ibu jari kaki hang
dah ok ke blom? hehehe…

main futsal kuku jari tak pernah nak ade kan.
susah betoi la… nape kes macam tuh..

aku mengalami masalah yang same..

P/S: sorry tiada kaki berbau di sini.. hahaha~

huh bahaya nie. jagalah kesihatan kalian sebelum ia hadir mengganggu. aku tak gemuk. tough je

main futsal ibu jari cedera. padahal time main rugby macam-macam cedera. dari kepala sampailah kaki. paling teruk dada. ha3.

I know2..I’m fat..n I do want to lose weight…n I keep on saying that…but still, no efforts!
I want to lose weight to look good & become healthy…if only we can lose weight without giving up foods that we like and without having to exercise…(now I’m talking bulls**t)

bontot laki tu berbintik2… hahah

aku xbersukan langsung(serious),tapi aku suka berpeluh2,so aku pegi la gym regularly…

apparently mentaliti org msia,kalo org gi gym dan minum protein whey,mesti anggap nk jadi ahli bina badan la,malik noor la,etc..haih

abis tu yg ramai2 main bowling kat mid vel xde nye kata nk jadi shalin zulkifli ke,ape ke..haih…hahahah

sirius cakap….
memang suke bersukan…memanah,swimming,cycling..
setiap minggu…haha..
mentaliti diri tentang bersukan buat masa ni ialah kerana minat,tapi bukan kerana kesihatan
tapi bila dah minat bersukan..kesihatan pon akan ikut sekali kan

i dunno..the latter one i guess..when u workout and u see some muscular dude around u,u kinda get ‘jeles’ but at the same time motivated to be one..haha

i dunno if i even get to “toning”..selalunya term tu utk pompuan kot..ntah laaaa..

Thank God, I have high metabolism. Badan maintain slim.

Going for a slimming, boot camp style is not good la. Good things come with timely effort. Slow and steady.Rushing and impatient will disrupt the harmony, and burn the wallet too.

As always, it is easier said than done. ๐Ÿ˜

tu la pasal. ngeri je jumpa lawan badan bebesar!

aku pnh terima luka dalam. terus masuk spital. 6 paku (kasut) kt dada. tersembur darah dari mulut. kenangan yang paling tak boleh lupakan di padang rugby.

tapi keseronokannya terserlah! game lain aku xminat kecuali rugby!

I just hope I’ll lose weight once I started working as an intern…

When I go to shopping mall, I always think n say..”bestnye jd patung, pakai pape pon lawa..”

niat bersukan kerana nak kurus is actually better tha niat kerana nak sihat…i think…

why? I believe it is common to see more people who has higher concern on tummy flab or bubbly glute than those who care more on health….


Kalau tak caya, try buat survey berapa ramai yang ada membership for annual health screening at a specialist clininc compared to berapa ramai yang ada gym or fitness center punya membership….

The awful truth is that everything you said is true.
It makes me sad that the perception of one’s body is based on what the Hollywood celebrities, fashion designers, and supermodels think is good, which is not always the case btw, as we have already seen on runways or red carpet. ๐Ÿ™

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