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If Only I Could Turn Back Time

It’s 5am. I couldn’t sleep after some mental torture, gasping to meet datelines deadlines. I have meeting at 8am, I might as well stay up and blog.

I was tagged by AyUmi (again). I figured I should repay her before I forget. Anyway, the tag is, if I could turn back time, where will I be?

NoktahHitam 18 months old Back to 18 months old.

I had much fun back then. Mom would come back from work with a new set of jigsaw puzzle and a pack of Apollo snacks.

I had no worries. I had no dream. I had nothing to think about. I was stress-free.

I only sleep, eat, play and chase cockroaches crawling under that antic looking furniture. I remembered mom pulling them out of my hands.

Mom cleaned my craps, changed my diapers, rubbed my sore tummy, patted me to sleep, bought me toys, made my milks, taught me to listen, speak, walk, think, and most of all, loved me unconditionally.

Dad, well he isn’t home much. I remembered him pinching me when I cried after a hard fall from the couch. Yeah, dad taught me, ‘it’s a cruel world out there, so shut up’ since birth. Although he never made it verbally, I’m sure he loves me too.

This post isn’t much about myself, it’s a tribute to parents. Love them while they’re still around. Mom and dad, thank you for being patient. I’ll make you proud, more than you did to me. I love you both.

As usual, I’d like to tag my nemesis, AisyahRozi, Life4Hire, Callister, KNizam and Nono.

ps: I actually want to write about my upbringing, but half way through, I reckon I owe this to my parents. Hence the above.

pss: Considering a superbike, 500 – 750 cc. Wasting money? I’m not getting married anytime soon, so WTH.

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62 replies on “If Only I Could Turn Back Time”

muka anak ko?
acuan sama la ni??

NH, mata, mulut kau masih sama hingga ke tua..

ER6N dah tgk, tp die jenis NAKED bike and torque die sgt menakutkanlah. Although I have B full license, takut gak bawak motor besar ni. Kalau tergolek, haisshhh… lucah tu! Sumorang tgk je sambil ketawe kecil

Seingt aku, yg ajar aku KH mase form 1 ialah cikgu lelaki. dan semua cikgu KH aku lelaki. Aku pon tak pernah plak ade module buat accounting.. camne tu cik SIMPANGkire?

Sayangnye xde ER6F versi CKD lagi. Tu ade fairing sume dah, tapi dapat review kurang best sebab gune plastik murah ntuk fairing die.

Xpun brader NH beli la Ninja 250R 2008 (CKD gak), walopon kecik, die kecik2 cili padi. Dapat review yang sgt bagos. Bike pilihan saye lepas abes intern di AMD.

Murah (RM21k OTR), bergaya (fairing baru), and powerful (dlm kelas die sindri).

ps: nak gune ntuk commute gi bandar ngan gi kuliah je pon.

rippa87’s last blog post..School Rumble Sengakki : A fan’s speculation

Also dah tgk Ninja 250R. I have to say I fell in love. Sadly, the shop was closing, I didn’t have time to test drive (or test ride) the bike.

I think I’ll opt for something between 250cc to 650cc. 550 would be just nice. Cagiva Mito or Naza Blade. Something with less maintenance would be justifiable.

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