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If Only I Could Turn Back Time

It’s 5am. I couldn’t sleep after some mental torture, gasping to meet datelines deadlines. I have meeting at 8am, I might as well stay up and blog.

I was tagged by AyUmi (again). I figured I should repay her before I forget. Anyway, the tag is, if I could turn back time, where will I be?

NoktahHitam 18 months old Back to 18 months old.

I had much fun back then. Mom would come back from work with a new set of jigsaw puzzle and a pack of Apollo snacks.

I had no worries. I had no dream. I had nothing to think about. I was stress-free.

I only sleep, eat, play and chase cockroaches crawling under that antic looking furniture. I remembered mom pulling them out of my hands.

Mom cleaned my craps, changed my diapers, rubbed my sore tummy, patted me to sleep, bought me toys, made my milks, taught me to listen, speak, walk, think, and most of all, loved me unconditionally.

Dad, well he isn’t home much. I remembered him pinching me when I cried after a hard fall from the couch. Yeah, dad taught me, ‘it’s a cruel world out there, so shut up’ since birth. Although he never made it verbally, I’m sure he loves me too.

This post isn’t much about myself, it’s a tribute to parents. Love them while they’re still around. Mom and dad, thank you for being patient. I’ll make you proud, more than you did to me. I love you both.

As usual, I’d like to tag my nemesis, AisyahRozi, Life4Hire, Callister, KNizam and Nono.

ps: I actually want to write about my upbringing, but half way through, I reckon I owe this to my parents. Hence the above.

pss: Considering a superbike, 500 – 750 cc. Wasting money? I’m not getting married anytime soon, so WTH.

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62 replies on “If Only I Could Turn Back Time”

you could remember how it was when you’re 18 months old? the earliest thing I recalled back then was when I was 4 years old..

i dah tag nono la dear. dia pun dah jawab. btw, ingatan u sungguh kuat. the only thing i ingat masa 18 months, err.. nothing. hahaha. maybe berkelakuan nakal dan menyusahkan my mum la kot. hahaha.. ( i guess sampai sekarang pun i nakal hihi)

thanks sebab jawab my tag.

AyUmi’s last blog post..:: itchy madness ::

Wow NH you definitely have superb memory! The earliest memories I have in my life was when I was about two and a half, when I woke up in the middle of the night and walked to the toilet instead of using that little potty mom conveniently placed beside my bed. Mom woke up and she was screaming in joy that I finally know how to use a toilet. But it was pretty dangerous too because I was too short to reach the switches, so I entered a pitch-dark toilet, risking a nasty fall 😯

Then I can remember biting on an oral ulcer on the way to kindergarten when I was four, I cried all the way 😥 a few weeks after that, I remembered attending my aunt’s graduation ceremony at UM. I passed her a flower (but I couldn’t remember what flower it was) and she cried!

Speaking of parental love, what sets it apart from any other kind of affection is that it is unconditional 🙂

teddY’s last blog post..teddY-risatioN™ Zeta Released!

one thing came into my mind bile tgk tajuk post ni.aqua’s song 🙂 cutenye mr e mase kocik² dulu.Apollo snack always have n always been among my favourite snack.bring back old memories.”If i could trurn back time,where will i be?”only 1 day;26th feb 1998. 🙁

buat iklan esso ke that little kid? 😀

i barely remember what i did what i was a kid. okay i guess, i grew up to be a normal person 😛 cukup kasih sayang lah..

yeah dude, go and get the superbike. just, be careful on the road ➡

same goes here.
i recalled my first childhood time when I was 4..

i realize my full name was A..F.. when I was in standard one. am i consider lembab? 😛

2 years old. I still sleep with diapers. Safer 😀

Ulcer? Ouch! I remembered I had to take a blood sample when I was 4. I hated it since then.

Teddy,”Air dicincang tidak akan putus”. Family ties never break.

You had Apollo snacks! Gee! You’re very very young!!! I can only remember going to the hospital at around 4 years old to get my tonsils removed…and I cried and cried and the Mat Salleh matron (colonial days) smacked me!!! F***KING B***H!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!

suituapui’s last blog post..Reflection…

I hate blood samples being taken from me! I’m not afraid of needles, but the sight of blood squirting into the tube (because of blood pressure) makes me queasy 😮

There’s a Chinese saying for the kinship thing – “blood is more viscous than water”.

teddY’s last blog post..teddY-risatioN™ Zeta Released!

nice pic u got urselve there…
damn i miss my childhood days 😥 …
no responsibilities, no worries, no homeworks…
nothing to think about except playing,eating and sleeping…

aisha’s last blog post..besties 4 ever!!

haha…ko ke ni??
sama ke muka dgn skang??

jap…jap…aku kena igt balik camne muka ko…

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