I was an Engineering Student

I’m not actually proud of my scroll. After all, I barely scrape through my courses. With some twisting and turning, I made my mark on that piece of paper.

I was cleaning my pile of stash. Mainly consist of unused papers, lessons, exam result, bills,.. until I came across my engineering notes, dated 13 Sep 2003.

My notes

(Everything in this post is my hand writing)

My Engineering NotesMy Engineering NotesMy Engineering NotesMy Engineering NotesMy Engineering Notes

I questioned myself, what was the reason I quit engineering? I don’t hate it, in fact, I love technicalities.

Was it the pay? I don’t think I got any higher now.

Was it the misunderstanding? Most of the time, I did it my way. I’ll agree to everything in meetings, but do it differently (improvised of course).

Was it dad? I can pretty much handle the workload, although I go back at 1o pm sometimes 2 am and unappreciated.

To be honest, I forgot.

It’s been 6 years since I last devised a formulae. I used to think I was so smart when I found a new law (or rule), I named it Eddie’s Law. A few weeks later, we studied that in class. WTH  ➡

I’m keeping these notes in a time capsule along with my little-black-book, photos of her and a mobile phone. I couldn’t possibly throw everything away. It’s anchored to me and it’s my past, I shouldn’t run away.

I hope to find the time capsule in another 5 years. By that time, I hope I don’t look back and regretted my actions, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

ps: My notes scheme, 4 column on an A4 paper, that makes it 8 sides. 2 chapter, 1 piece of paper. 1 semester, 10 chapters and 6 classes. Total, 240 columns on 30 A4 papers for 60 chapters in 1 semester. Do you follow me?

pss: In short, I save papers and trees.

psss: I wish I had a scanner. I could show you how neat it is   🙄

pssss: Ninie, emo enough for you? 80% rule  😛

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

36 replies on “I was an Engineering Student”

ho3. dulu aku pernah masuk itm shah alam (masa tu itm) dan terpaksa (bapak aku suruh) ambil bidang engneering in power. tapi aku surrender sbb takleh bawak hu3.

aku sempat beralih bidang ke bidang yg aku minati setelah meminta keizinan dari org tua aku iaitu sci comp (programming). he3.

pening gak tengok notes camtu. hu3. senang lagi buat flow chart utk programming.

aku ade hal la. tgk la mcm mane, possibility of not going tu tinggi. but knowing irpe’s wife is a doc, and ade kawan2 doc sekali, mungkin aku pergi. hahaha

Aku ade scanner kt office. malas pegi je.

Tulisan kau cantik giler.

Aku pun buat notes dulu, camtu. Tapi, 3 column atas A4 paper, 6 sides semuanya. Tapi bukan subjek kira2 la, utk subjek baca2 mcm law, management dan accounting theory.

Aku sebenarnya konon2 dulu tak suka subjek accounts la.. sbb tak pernah buat notes utk accounts. Errr.. accounts mana ada nota.. semua nombor2 je…

ekeke. tgk ko nye notes pun da gerun. engin benda akoo minat. tp xpenah kesampaian. cizzz. tp tue la. bila da besau, rmi tukar profesion. ade engin jd cikgu, ade dak art jd pak pedane menteli. macam2.

weip akoo kasik ko adios. realmart. ade kat belog. haha. :halo:

Aku pon macam ada sedikit akan berlaku macam ko bro..
Sekarang ni aku amek electrical eng.. Serius.. aku dah final year.. mmg lgsung xde minat.. minat aku bukan untuk engineering.. damn..

Your handwriting very pretty and neat :up: 8 sides one paper? Kecik giler your handwriting. My notes on A4 paper – 2 columns, 4 sides. 😀 Pass the time capsule to me, I help bury it somewhere deep in jungle here in Sarawak. ➡ Or when we construct a dam, I dig a hole and put it below the dam 😛

bolehla tok menjamah otak pepagi ni.. heeeee…..

didnt know ur hand writing is so legible.. boleh tahan! keep it up… 😉

silalah tulis pasal ur misadventures plak pas ni.. hehehe

aku punya nota sama mcm bong. tapi skang ni bila dah tua² samb belajar semula nota aku satu chapter satu A4 paper. dan bila buat kira² acctg satu soalan mau habis 2 helai F4 paper. wah sgt membazir. oleh itu pakai pensel saja, leh padam biler salah.

I wanted to be a Marine Biologist or a Dentist … but I ended up studying Business Computing instead – up to Diploma level only because I seriously have no head for programming… and now I’m working as an office slave, a secretary.. 🙁 how in the world did I manage to steer my life so far away from my original goal? 😥

Electrical Engineering, eh?

Current Engineering student here (Mechatronics). Too bad I don’t take down notes, at all. My handwriting is horrible anyway. I prefer to rely on books.

Actually it’s quite natural for engineering graduates to go into other fields though. The problem solving and analytical skills we gain from our education can be applied in many other fields.

marine biologist? wahh.. ko leh jadi mcm nurul ain nurul syuhada (pengacara Nona & M3). Hot siot minah tu. Tp tinggi lampai.

Melb, bukak business sendiri tak berani?

ala…pool tournament company jer…ada la mat salleh yg power2 gak tp xsharp psl kepala x penuh…hehe..xleh drunk time main…tp ada mamat melayu 2 orang ni power giler..time final aku kalah ngan diorang la…cis !! kali ni aku nak titik diorang plak..haha…wish me luck !! 😆

yea. i follow you
i love making tiny2 notes for my subjects too

i believe that somehow what i’m studying right now will not what i’ll do in the future
life is a mystery. who knows what was written for us..

Tinggi lampai tak ok ke? hehehe bestlah tinggi lampai, looks very nice in jeans :XO:

Buka bisnes sendiri aku nak juga… tapi modal belum cukup.. actually earlier this year, I almost did with a partner for a cafe.. but that partner just couldn’t make up her mind about the location nor the concept of the cafe.. last² tak jadi, she is joining her father’s new advertising company instead.. so aku kena kumpul duit lagi, so that I can start a biz on my own.. 😀 cannot work for others for the rest of my life… tak pandai kaya², tak kaya, how to buy a 4WD and a sporty BMW? 😀 (Tingginya angan² mel ni)

it’s the circuit for… i think ac when kena guna complex number
… i cant remember it too (even though i baru je blaja last sem! xguna betul!) haha
this calls for revision =.=

i was an engineering student too.
reading this entry reminds me of my situation that i had to face in the previous years. ah, sad. glad that i dont have to play with circuits anymore. haha. (no, actually i do love circuits). hmm

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