I Think I Like You

LRT Story

I think I like you,
I see you everytime I catch the train.
If this is coincidence,
Then I want it everyday.

I held the bar,
You stood by me,
I said hi,
and so you smiled.

Masuk lagi, masuk lagi, [1. Move in, Go in]
The LRT man cried,
Now you’re hugging me,
I panicked but happy inside.

Stesyen berikutnya, Jelatek, [2. Next station, Jelatek]
This is where I park,
I said goodbye,
again you smiled, you bisu ke? [3. Are you deaf?]

One day,
You saw me and smiled,
And asked me out,
But I humbly denied.

I thought I liked you,
but I don’t think so.
I should wear a name tag,

There you go, underlined, BOLD and highlighted.
Stupid For You
I’m yours. Special Request

ps: Ironically we did hang out, but she’s 29 ❗

pss: Sorsorus, aku nak kawen doctor gak!!

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

70 replies on “I Think I Like You”

ever try the doctrine of the LAW OF ATTRACTION?
might be u can try to run the theory into an experiment and c if u’ll end up getting a doctor.. 🙂

Ive read it. I don’t think I like it. I have my own charm, I’ll stick to that.

To find a doctor, I must either go to Medical School or Hospitals :kiss:

eddie i rs seronok leaving my comments kat your blog! macam i rs seronok commenting on Everything but Ordinary (Cibol) and The Flaccid Mind (Bongkersz) sbb suka muncung muncung.. :kiss: :kiss: LOL! haha..
well, i rs seronok sbb i rs free je nak express pa pe.. no restrictions at all.. and i’d like to apologize in advance if i byk bising kat sini :kiss: heheh

read to fill the time in lrt..still looking to find whoever experimented the theory….curious to know if any back-analysis can actually prove the theory

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