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I Don’t Really Enjoy Futsal

It happened again, stubbed toe.

This is what you get if you run with your heart out and stop quickly.  Your body weight shifted to the toe and your nail bites the inner layer. Usually, it bleeds, internally.

I’ve been thinking about permanently removing my toe nail. I’ve read before, pro athletes do that if it happens once too often.

Casual futsal is quite a dangerous sport. I get ‘that look’ if I tell them, I need my fingers to work. Especially when they’re trying to blame me for letting in a goal.

I also hate when people put a foot when I try to shoot. Often, I’d stop myself. I don’t want to injure my friends over sportsmanship. Afterall, futsal is just a window to sweat.

You’ll probably think, I’m being a sissy or a wuss. Well, maybe I am 😮


*Warning, the video might bug you*


ps: I wonder, if I undergo the surgery to remove my toe nail, will I get the handicap parking lot? You know, since I don’t have a toe nail, I’m considered as cacat

pss: I can feel both my toe pulsate. Hurts like bitch 😥

psss: I shouldn’t have told you that I was going to write a short sappy story. Kills the element of surprise.

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34 replies on “I Don’t Really Enjoy Futsal”

after refresh…i can see the’t know i can be done surgically with intended purpose..haha…i thought it was used in tortures…LOL….

faint hearts….please don’t watch it…

i terus tgk the video and was like …”oh dear..why in the world is NH removing his toenail?!!”

my fault, i was a lazybum and skipped the written part. LOL

p/s : get well soon, mr toe!

The video won’t load on my computer. Oh well, i prolly wouldnt hv enjoyed it anyway.

Btw, go ahead and get ur toenail surgically removed! Sounds like fun~

cerita lain tapi pasal kemalangan kuku gak..hehe

on da way nk ke klinik,asalnya nk check selsema ja,turun dr kereta ibu jari tersepit celah pintu kereta yg telah ditutup dgn kuat…

semasa tahan sakit dan tunggu turn jumpa doktor… trus demam! haha..doktor bg ubat selsema dan demam.

darah beku dlm kuku tu slowly tolak kuku tu kuar…lastly xde trus dan tumbuh kuku baru! cool! time xde kuku tu rasa ngilu bila sentuh..

hehehe..comelnya kuku dia kene cabut…besh video neh… sangat menyelerakan…hahahaha… tapi sakit wooo… aku yg nak potong kuku yang terselit kat belah tepi ibu jari pon payah..kalo di biarkan satg cekam lak.. baunya sgt mangi oke..hahaha 😀

Oh wow. My bf complains about the same thing all the time. About the toenail thingy, and about people sticking out their feet when he wants to shoot. Due to intensive futsal and football, his toenail is already loose and he can ‘cabut’ and ‘pasang balik’ whenever its convenient for him. Ek eh! Cam klaka pun ada. And apparently, according to him, it causes smelly feet. Ntah eh?

Ouch! That happened to me before, twice. Once, I was playing soccer, chipping the ball with my bare foot.. next thing I knew.. the nail was dangling there…. 😥 Went back to hostel and pulled it off.. damn F-painful. Second time, was wearing futsal shoes but still, chipped half of it. Gone! Bleeding.. then I didn’t do anything to it.. until it rot.. LOL! smelly shiet!!! I just didn’t dare to pluck it off like that.. until it became loose…

Yeah, I hate it when people trying too hard on a casual game like you said – putting a foot in front when you try to shoot.

Go for the surgery yeah!!!!!! :up: :up:

psst… Thank you bro! 😛

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