I Am My Mom’s Boy

“I may not turn out as the son you hoped me to be, but I know you’re the best mother anyone could ever wish for. I love you and Happy Mother’s Day Ma!”

I texted her the lines above. She replied the following

“Regardless of anything, I am grateful to Allah to have given you as my son. I love you very much.”

Awww, so sweet~

You don’t need expensive presents to express your love. It just needs to be told.

ps: Have you wished your mom?

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23 replies on “I Am My Mom’s Boy”

sms dari anak kak jie di asrama

โ€ Aโ€™kum . Selamat Hari Ibu mama, tgok bulan di luar. Hadiah untukmu dr anak yg jauh dr pandangan matamuโ€

Hati kak jie montel seperti bulan di langit malam tadi.

i called my mom this morning!
alone at home & suddenly omsick nak balik rumah.

‘happy mother’s day mak’

i called my mom and said

“ibu, selamat hari ibu. Pini sayang ibu, thanx for everything. I mean..everything.. (nada sebak)”

n my mom replied:

“Oh, a’ahlah. Ibu lupa nak wish nenek. Tanx dear for the wishes..and reminder”

…apa da ibu aku..spoiled mood sebak

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