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Hukum Valentine’s Day

If you have not heard of the Valentine’s Day commotion, you should read on.

Hukum Valentine's Day 1

In today’s Friday sermon, the heat was about Valentine’s Day and why muslim should not celebrate it. So why shouldn’t you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

  1. Valentine was a Christian priest and Valentine’s Day was originally to commemorate his death.
  2. There’s no celebration of love in Islam. Love for human is temporary, but love for God is forever.
  3. Islam forbids intimacy of opposing sex until marriage.
  4. There shouldn’t be a reminder or special date to express your love. Just express it daily.
  5. JAIS and JAWI forbids the celebration.

I was never really fond of celebrating Valentine’s Day. The price of roses suddenly tripled, fancy restaurant charging double and you have to get a gift for your loved ones. It’s a tall order to fulfill your mushy heart. As for me, nothing beats my love for money (hahaha).

In my younger years, back when I was a child (standard 2) studying in America, I used to get lots of chocolates from girls, classmates or other classes. I guess it’s their tradition of giving attention to foreign students. I did share it with Ken and Benjamin over recess. We had shit loads of chocolates and ate it under the slides, keeping everything to ourselves. (Kedekut!)

Personally, I don’t really care about Valentine’s Day, it’s not like I get a holiday.

So, what’s your take on Valentine’s Day?

ps: Thank God Aisyah is very Islamic about VD 🙂

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15 replies on “Hukum Valentine’s Day”

Saya pun tak pernah ambil tahu pasal VD ni, malah saya anti dan jelak pada mereka (Muslims) yang sambut.

“I did share it with Ken and Benjamin over recess.”
That was so sweet! Do you still keep in touch with them?

aku setuju bg pokok rose jaga sampai jgn mati pokok tu hahah!

VD – makan nasi kandar original kayu lagi sodap,takdenye dia nk cas triple on VD.hahah! aku tak suka VD2 ni tp teringin nk bunga dr

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