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Hudud, Is It Applicable or Petrifiying?

Hudud is man-made law derived from Quran and Hadith. Husam Musa said, PAS wanted to implement hudud, but he quickly retracted his words when Lim Kit Siang asked, ‘What hudud?‘. And Anwar remain lost in his quest to conquer the PM seat.

I’m writing today NOT to talk about the edgy by-election at Kuala Terengganu, but Hudud itself. Is it necessary?

With the alarming rate of crime No, crime alone is alarming. We don’t need statistics to prove that it’s still bearable. Robbery, grand theft, rape, murder, kidnap or infidel, as long as it brings misfortune, it’s bad.

In the modern world, hudud is seen as barbaric and immoral. While I agree with that, let’s not overlook some of these points.

Save Your Money

Guilty criminal lives with tax payer money.We’d tighten our belts to feed them, when we can just chop off his hand. It is inhumane, but we can use that money for the greater goods, like feed the orphans.

So how much are we talking about?
RM10 per day x 365 days x 25years = RM 91,250!

Isn’t that a sick figure? And I just assumed that RM10 per day per head, not to mention the guards, logistic, electricity. Still think they deserved a slice of our hard earn tax?

Eye for an Eye

Under Qisas, if you murder someone, you’ll be sentence to death. Just perfect. It’ll definitely send the message up to your spine.

For Peace of Mind

Have you ever been to Arab? Well, when it’s time to pray, they left everything behind, open. As “3rd world” as they can be, they don’t steal things.

Few months ago, a Porsche Cayenne was robbed from the driver while waiting for his boss. A parang on his neck, he had to give in. Although it’s insured, all they got was the depreciated value, that’s like 70% of it’s price.

Few weeks ago, some big-shot was robbed in the comfort of his own house. He got stitches, a direct result of being lashed with a parang.

If we implemented hudud, I’m sure non of these would happen.

The Pious Four

Under hudud, 4 witness must come forward to testify the crime. Not just a normal person, but someone with a good, clean and unbiased background. But I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem, we have CCTVs nowadays.


Hudud is ONLY for muslim. To some extend, I wish everyone is governed by it. But I see more non-muslims are being anal about it. If you did nothing wrong, why are you so scared?

I wish not to write any longer but you’re free to continue here on hudud.
Please put up this poll, if you intend to write about Hudud

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50 replies on “Hudud, Is It Applicable or Petrifiying?”

aku rasa mmg ada hikmahnya hukuman yg berat
supaya dapat menginsafkan kita semua
aku agreed jugak pasal distribution of wealth. kita patut juga jaga kebajikan semua supaya takde yang tertinggal dan tak dapat makan. basic needs kena cater dulu ie makan dan tempat tinggal.

I don’t get it why some people keep on having negative thought on Hudud thingy. Take Arab Saudi as an example. They have successfully reduced their crime rate by just implementing Hudud (their crime rate is very low if compared to our country). This is not like what most people tend to think where they have the idea that by implementing Hudud, there will be more OKU in our country. That is gravely wrong. If that is true, sure BBC will have a headline read “Arab Saudi: The highest number of OKU ever”.

Ala.. why so afraid if we are against crime kan? Unless those people are into bribery stuff, for sure la takut. I think orang biasa macam kita ni takde hal la dengan Hudud.

Anyway, just my 2 cent. =p

IMHO,most of our people still don’t understand the meaning of hudud and way to implement it. All they do understand is that we have to cut off the head when they commited in murder or some sort like that. But Allah has promised that, the bad deeds can’t be stopped unless Allah’s Law aka Hudud is implemented. It is specified to Moslems only as for the non-Moslems the law is different as far as i’m concern.. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Hudud, matlamatnya adalah untuk pencegahan. Dengan adanya hukuman yang berat, sudah pasti orang awam takut untuk melakukan jenayah – sekaligus mengurangkan kadar jenayah dalam satu2 masyarakat.

Orang yang menganggap hudud adalah hukuman yang kejam, semata-mata balasan atau denda, tak nampak hikmah dan kebaikan di sebalik perintah Allah ini.

Bukankah mencegah itu lebih baik dari mengubati?

teregerak hati nk komen bila dah cerita bab agama ni

hudud ni sebenarnya dah di implement di malaysia, cuma tidak sepenuhnya di laksanakan

antaranya hukuman penjara, hukum gantung

kita nk bising-bising kata hudud barbaric, kejam dan tak bertamadun buat apa, undang2 civil skrg ni apa crita?

nak potong tangan pun, bukan suka2. perbicaraan tetap ada, islam itu adil.

kalau hudud dilaksana 100%, aku gerenti 2perkara
1) malaysia is a zero zina
2) zero rasuah

ps-nice entry bro ๐Ÿ˜€

best kan kalau camtu?

aku dah bosan dengan adegan2 premarital sex di malaysia ni…

even women with tudung is doubted bout their virginity (not all of them)…

all talks and no action, we’ll stay this way for many years to come…

Apa orang Melayu/Islam mahu tu awak punya pasal. Orang bukan Islam tidak mahu terlibat dengan mainan politik Hudud.

of course yes!
tapikan.. tak semua org tau, yg Hudud ini bagus bila ia dilaksanakan. Kalau tak percaya.. sokong la parti politik yg mahu laksanakannya. Bila dpt majoriti, baru dpt rasai.. tak percaya? cuba bagi peluang.. gerenti baik punya! ๐Ÿ˜›

a nice post..
even there’s some wrong facts like the “CCTVs” – saksi mesti berada dalam satu majlis: antara syarat satu majlis adalah berada pada waktu kejadian. so CCTVs are excluded unless ulama’ make a fatwa about it.

overall: 5/5

honestly part tu yg aku concern skang..bukannya apa,takut la kot2 menimpa family sendiri…adik pompuan aku ke..

ini diambil dr page

The ordinance has been criticized as leading to “hundreds of incidents where a woman subjected to rape, or even gang rape, was eventually accused of Zina” and incarcerated,and defended as punishment ordained by God and victim of “extremely unjust propaganda”

According to a report by Pakistan National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) “an estimated 80% of women” in jail in 2003 were there as because “they had failed to prove rape charges and were consequently convicted of adultery.

disebabkan pelbagai masalah/dikritik tahun 2006 diorg tukar Rogol utk dibicarakan di bawah undang2 civil..

Ni utk Pakistan saja..negara2 arab lain xtau to know how they tackle the problem..sapa2 tau?

don’t get me wrong..aku bukan anti-hudud..but i really,really concern..

Read about that too when I was doing my umrah. This worries me too. But I believe we can do something about that. Like, dont walk in dark empty alley etc. Or probably a lighter punishment/consideration if rape victim failed to prove anything.

To me, hudud is more about punishing robbery, murder and bribery.

And I think that’s why UMNO doesn’t want hudud implemented.

Penjara hudud? Are you sure?

Hudud Punishment

1 – Capital punishments – by sword/crucifixion (for highway robbery with homicide), by stoning (for zinaโ€™ when the offenders are mature, married Muslims)

2 – Amputation of hands or feet (for theft and highway robbery without homicide)

3 – Flogging with a varying number of strokes (for drinking, zinaโ€™ when the offenders are unmarried or not Muslims, and false accusations of zinaโ€™)

Taken from wikipedia :

If the law is going to be implemented, will it be implemented as a whole?

If it is, there’s a high possibility that more than half of the Muslim population in Malaysia is going against it. Sebab apparently, pre-marital sex, consuming alcohol and whatnot dah jadi norm especially dekat urban areas.

But yeah, after reading this post, I’d say I’ll go for it. Tak pernah terfikir pun about the points you’ve mentioned above. Nice one ๐Ÿ™‚

“Most Malay-Muslim would voted for Yes” nice more interested on the term Malay-Muslim LOL.According to perlembagaan persekutuan Islam included in the definition of Malay.That to me also must be ammended.And since you mentioned about Islamic law bound only for Muslims,let’s consider how many “Muslims-the one who drink,f.n.u.c.k(fornication not under the consent of the king),adultery,penyamun tegar,penagih tegar,penjudi tegar etc” would gladly say we are no more muslim after the Islamic Law is made legitimate.Talk about FMEA(Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) huh…( So friends,lets study all the impact if we managed to change the Perlembagaan Persekutuan someday.

Let’s look it from another point of view.Hudud, Qisas and Takzir, these 3 items were sent directly from Allah upon us ‘coz He is our creator.Shouldn’t the creator Himself must know in every single way how it’s creation will act in nature?While Hudud and Qisas are bound with stern sentences upon the guilty ones..Takzir are the rules made for more up-to-date crimes with humanly designed sentences,in a way,we could say the Law itself is actually advanced compared with civil law.Who says its barbaric then?The crime of lust and blood is of course the oldest crime ever known to humans,ever heard of Eve’s eating the Forbidden Fruit?Ever heard of 1st murder between Qabil and Habil?thus Hudud is for lust(sex,theft etc),Qisas is for murder.Takzir is for newly created crime born from human creativity assisted by desire and the devil.Cast your votes readers :).

p/s: The commentator didn’t receive education on Science and Maths in English.Just ignore the grammatical errors LOL.

I wonder if can create new hukum for rapist, sekali buat kes, then potong pe*nis. mesti kejadian itu x akan berulang dah kan? kalau kes molest pulak, potong la tangan. ๐Ÿ™‚

Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah. Bring it on!

That said, I can’t see a bright future for Hudud to be implemented in Malaysia, just because we need more than 2/3 majority in parliament to agree for the amendments.

Question: Is it appropriate to have the element of ‘FEAR’ to coax people into being civilised, or to have them well educated – morally, objectively to be civilised?

I agree on two points – “Save money” and “An eye for an eye.”

And yes, what’s the Non Muslims being anal about it? Lim Kit Siang, you are getting old ๐Ÿ™‚


berkenaan masalah perempuan yang dirogol, tapi, die yang kene hukuman,

ok, kalau ikut logik akal, dan sifat manusia, memang la kita akan rasa, ‘tak patutnya’, ‘kesiannya’ dan bermacam lagi perasaan macam tu.

tapi, kalau ikut logik agama, kita kene yakin dengan keadilan Allah tu sendiri. kita yakin bahwa di akhirat tu nanti Allah akan adili sewajarnya. di dunia mungkin terlepas, tapi di akhirat?

kene yakin dekat situ. tapi, keyakinan yang macam tu yang sukar nak dicapai. perasaan belas simpati tu masih ada.

While I agree we should adopt Hudud 100%, I somehow find it a bit frustrating when it comes to protecting a woman’s dignity.

Let’s say a woman was raped. She brought him to court but failed to present concrete evidence. She’s then charged under Qazaf and adultery. Of course, we dont see any logic in that. But to bank our trust on Islam itself?

So you are telling me, if a rape victim cant prove any evidence, she might as well forget that she’s being raped? Gosh..

macam mana pun, perempuan tu still akan trauma. still akan terkesan dengan benda yang berlaku atas diri dia, samada hukum hudud dilaksana atau tak.

sebab tu sepenuh keyakinan tu adalah pada islam tu sendiri. keadilan allah tu melebihi semua. mungkin kita nampak, “mak ai, perempuan tu kene rogol, die yang kene hukuman?”, tapi, sedarkah kita, allah tu akan adili balik perkara ni nanti. mana tahu, dengan keadaan yang berlaku di dunia ni, perempuan tu dapat balasan yang lebih di akhirat? tu yang kita kene yakin.

dan harus diingat, once, ade seorang yang ditangkap dan dijatuhkan hukuman, insya allah, takkan ade yang berani lakukan jenayah macam ni. (kalau ada pun, mungkin terlalu sedikit) kau pun cakap, hukum ni sebagai pengajaran. sebagai meletakkan had dalam masalah tu. makanya, sekali dah ditunjukkan pada umum, akan sangat kurang jenayah tu berlaku. aku yakin.

masa belajar islamic studies dekat kolej dulu, terlalu banyak keindahan tentang hudud yang ustaz i ajar. and i chose to accept it. i rasa perdebatan untuk pelaksanannya berlandaskan ideologi politik yang berbeza adalah kurang bijak. ini kerana mereka (ahli politik) akan lebih cenderung untuk mempertahankan pegangan parti daripada memahami sendiri apakah sebenarnya hudud.

dan parti yang menyokong/mencadang pulak seolah2 tidak mahu/bimbang/takut untuk terus mempertahankannya bila digertak keras. (buatlah inisiatif lain, panggil pakar2 yang neutral untuk berbincang dan berbahas secara umum, biar rakyat pun dapat ikuti, contoh macam bila anwar dan shabery chik berbahas)

tentang hudud ni, ramai yang tahu tentang impak positifnya, tetapi ramai juga yang takut akan pelaksanaannya (atas pelbagai sebab). itulah manusia, lebih suka berbalah daripada belajar untuk memahami.

nice post bro!

well, civil law pn lg worse per.. hukum gantung (kalo tak putus urat camner?), electric chair (sama gak), penjara berpuluh2 tahun (ngabihkan taxpayer’s money jer).. hudud simple.. biler potong tgn, yg bersalah nyesal betul2 dier dh salah (biler tgk tgn dh takder), yg lain2 pn ader rasa takut nk buat salah..

aku rasa org awam terlalu disogok dgn bentuk hukuman hudud nih, tp tak diberitahu psl kaedah sebelum satu2 hukuman tuh dijatuhkan… tuh yg susah nk nampak hikmah n ‘beauty’ of hudud nih.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Adalah hak saya tidak mahu terlibat dengan hudud. Awak tiada hak suruh saya oergi ke negara lain. sekali lagi hak orang Islam ialah orang Islam punya pasal sdan tak boleh melibatkan hak orang bukan Islam.

Hudud terang-terang digunakan oleh orang Islam disemua negara sebagai sebahagian daripada agenda politik meraka. Hudud adalah mainan politik. Orang Islam tak senang dengan kenyataan ini tetapi ugama Islam tidak pernah dipisahkan daripada politik orang Islam . Bukankah soal Shia dan Sunnah itu berasal dar rebutan kuas antara fraksi-fraksi Islam.

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