How to Steal A Car with RM 8

I had nefarious thought on Sunday while waiting for my car to be washed while reading HBR. Apparently, you can steal a car with just RM8.

How to Steal A Car with RM 8 1

The car wash place around my housing area has a warung nearby, about 2-5 minutes walks (depending on how fast you walk or cat walk). Normally, customers would just drop their key at the counter or sometimes leave it in the car. The operator usually (99% of time) parks the car to washing (wet) bay or interior cleaning (dry) bay.

Most of the time, customers would walk over to the warung for an evening tea. This is where the loop hole starts. Once the car is done, the worker usually hangs it on the pillar.

Anyone can claim the car when it’s done. Just give RM10, tip the worker with the change and you could drive home an Estima. But if caught, I don’t know what’ll happen to you.

Thank God, I’m not so desperate.

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