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How I Bought Kawasaki ER-6N

Finally, I made up my mind and never looked back. I applied for a full personal loan for the bike.

Why personal loan? Vehicle is a depreciating asset, eventually you will need to write it off. Given in the space of 7 years, it will still retain some value though very little. Thus it does not make sense to put a lot of deposit and pay the same amount of installment for 5 years.

How I Bought Kawasaki ER-6N 1

I personally think ER6N looks the best when compared to Yamaha XJ6S. However, in the sound department XJ6S beats it anytime of the day. I did have a look at the XJ6S and found out that the parts were a bit flimsy and there were many ‘gaps’ between joints. Maybe it’s necessary for the bike but I’m not convinced. ER-6N sounds a lot like a moped due to it’s 2 cylinder engine.

Yamaha XJ6S looks funny. I bet Yamaha Malaysia asked themselves, what should we bring into the 600cc market? The boss said, since both the naked and fairing version are selling like hot cakes, why not bring something in between! This way we’ll capture both market! As wrong as it may seem, that’s what they did. Not many would like a hideous monster.

I did start an online ‘Registration of Interest’ for the naked version and sent them to the Yamaha Marketing team. Their response were unfavorable, replying not in the near future. Too bad Yamaha, you just lost a customer. Enough trash talk.

I paid for the bike in cash at Welly Batu Cave. Imagine carrying RM 35k alone from the bank to the shop! I pray I’ll never have to go through this again. The sales staff were very helpful. There was even a room where they counted the cash in my presence. Everything was settled within half hour.

To get out of the showroom the bike has to go through several process.

  1. Pay the bike in full (motorcycle loan or personal loan or cash)
  2. Register for a plate number at JPJ
  3. Inspection at Puspakom
  4. Register for vehicle grant at JPJ
  5. Get out of the room!

I’m getting the bike at Welly because they offered me 3 free items and I’m just estimating the cost of the items, but from the looks of it, that’s somewhat reasonable.

  1. AMX Helmet Full Face (costs RM500 ++)
  2. Alpinestar Jacket (RM 350 ++)
  3. Gloves (RM100 ++)

The break down of the price;

  • Motorcycle – RM 33,289.00
  • Insurance – RM1,222.70
  • Roadtax – RM250.00
  • Registration – RM 5
  • No plate – RM 40
  • Handling & Freight Fee – RM 300

The total is RM 35,106.70. On the upside, no deposit were withdrawn, on the low side, the insurance and road tax are bloody expensive! What have I gotten myself into? Oh well. Enjoy your day.

ps: Can’t wait to get the bike in 2 days time, but I’ll probably get it by the end of the week. iAllah.

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omg *telan air liur

btw eddy, wanna suggest you a thing, dont you feel like giving this blog a new appearance. because frankly speaking, it doesnt look good when i browse it via my phone. just my 2 cents, haha. still can read the entry, just it wasnt that umph ;p

motor kau lg mahal dr saga BLM aku hahaha. wow aku pandai bwk motor honda cup. agak2 aku bole bwk x motor besar gile siot.

Salam bro..which bank do you applied the personal loan from? And how much is the interest per annum? Im considering to buy er6n and my reason suprisingly quite similar with yours. (Childhood dream + need a spark in my life)

My company has a term with Bank Rakyat, so it was easy for me to get a loan. Interest about 4-5% cant remember, but it was the amongst the cheapest in the country.

hi bro….i m interested to know how you able to apply personal loan so much? what is the pay back like….mind sharing wif me? hehe…still new in this area….but am really interested in big bikes…. : )

Bro,apa komen anda tentang er6n x? Dr segi performance dia ada mengancam x? Saya dlm dilema samada nk ambik er6n ke atau duke 690. Tq in advanracing

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