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HoneyMoon Years

When I look at the past, it’ll always remind me of sets of uncomplished goals. It saddens me most knowing I am an objective oriented person.

The game plan was different back then. I wanted to start a company (accomplished) and once I’ve settled down the ups-and-downs of business, I was thinking of getting married. Then do MBA to solidify my existent. Sadly, I managed to accomplished the first goal. And I am no where near the other goals.

Now it’s different. I’m back on the corporate ladder and couldn’t careless about getting married (not that I don’t care at all). I’m entirely devoted to realigning myself, back on the straight line. It’s rather selfish, but I know, it’s worth knowing yourself better, before understanding others.

After 10 years of fooling around, it’s time I get myself back on track. Goodbye 2009.

Goodbye Eddie. Hello Edwin!

ps: Will be writing about my decade’s resolution tonight.

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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Happy new year, my cyber cum good friend! Hope 2010 brings joy and luck for you =’)

So, should i start calling you Edwin now? Sounds err..omputih-ish..;p

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