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Himpunan Pasca Pilihanraya

I have always been curious about these events. Yesterday night, I attended one. I knew it was going to be a mammoth gathering (from other sources, about 120,000 attended), thankfully I rode there. It was easier maneuvering the traffic with a motorcycle than a car.

Why Gather?

The General Election 13 is done and with BN once again, being the victor. However, there has been claims that there were cheating involved.

  1. Indelible ink – I was able to remove mine 30 minutes after election.
  2. Phantom voters – An ustaz was accused of trying to vote the second time. He arrived from Singapore at 4.30 pm. In the end he was able to cast his votes.
  3. Foreign voters – Bangladeshi was caught trying to cast vote, there are videos on this. Go find it yourself.
  4. Blackout – It was reported that a few sites experienced a black out. There’s already some proof that this did not happen but we can’t neglect this entirely.
  5. Recount Process – New Borang 14 surfaced during the recounting.
  6. Bribe – Some videos people receiving money from a Party’s vehicle

These are just theories until proven. Therefore we can’t deny any possibilities from either side, EC or candidates committing fraud. It is in our best interest to seek for truth.

Anwar Ibrahim claimed that there are close to 30 Parliament seats that was ‘robbed’ from the rakyat. PR intends to explore in this coming weeks. Until then, we just have to play the wait-and-see game.


People came by the dozens. Some even parked 2km just to avoid the traffic and some came as early as 3 pm. It became like a mini pasar malam.


From all walks of life. Cina Melayu India Singh, just name it.


We sat together, rubbing shoulders, passing around yellow ribbons, chanting and screaming. It was the best way for PR supporters to vent their angers.


I took the video of Anwar’s speech.



Proof I was there.

There are 4 areas I think this event can improve.

1. Trash was everywhere. I took sometime to collect these. I don’t understand people who wants CHANGE but doesn’t want to change their habit. When are they going to get it, you throw your own rubbish la!

2. Impatient People. Everyone was really hustling their way out pushing old folks and others. Relax la, be considerate.

3. Parking. It was hellish. Stadium Kelana Jaya is one messed up development area. There’s only one small entrance and exit for cars. It’s also along houses.

4. Smoking in the Stadium. I understand the urge to smoke, but please, hold it for 2-3 hours. And if want to smoke, don’t put it off on the bitumen track. That’s backwards thinking.

ps: I got home at 12. Kesian bini kerana tidak dapat turut serta.

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4 replies on “Himpunan Pasca Pilihanraya”

Sangat susah nak ubah mentaliti manusia Malaysia tentang sampah. X pe nanti ada la orang bersih kan. X pe nanti tukang sapu tiada kerja. X pe.. x pe..
sangat bosan!

PKR kena banyak bermuhasabah..diorang skrng perlu perjuangkan bukan hanya kelompok tertentu sahaja..nasib kelompok masyarakat yang lain perlu diambil kira.

Bukan semua orang sarawak n sabah pakai kete dan anak2 diorng masuk U..sebab tu duit 500 Bn bg lagi berharga dari apa yang PKR perjuangkan..

Cuba buat sesuatu untuk tarik perhatian kelompok sana.Mungkin dapat ubah untuk PRU 14 nanti.

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