Hey Little One!

I don’t feel like writing today. So feast your eyes on my niece ok?

Pipi Berat & Mom
Those cheeks are HEAVY! – Gosh I love squeezing them!

What Are You Doing?
Hello Little Angel – Yes, I’m shooting you!

Up To No Good
Scheming – She’s up to something, watch out!

Can I Have That?
Can I Have That? – No Sayang, this is not your soft toys.

Magnum Ice Cream – Let’s not worry about getting dirty, it’s part of growing up.

Acting CuteTepuk Amai-amaiHey Little One! 1Hey Little One! 2Hey Little One! 3Hey Little One! 4Hey Little One! 5
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My niece is growing faster then she should. She’s quick (she crawls really fast), brave (jumps off chairs without considering the height of the fall), carefree (don’t mind being transferred from one hand to another), fun and most importantly, CUTE AS HELL! Oh, unlike most kids, she rarely cries, which leaves a family remark, “Biase la, anak askar” (my brother is an air force officer).

My little angelic niece, when you’re old enough, read my lips, Uncle Ewin Loves You! Grandma (your great grandma) says you look like me. Here’s for you to decide.

Hey Little One! 6

ps: I’m sure I can be a great father, but what I’m unsure of is, will I make a good husband?

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23 replies on “Hey Little One!”

psot=post hahah aku pon typo gak, siot..

I think you got all corrected, but one. Not a typo though, but I think you missed the word “like” in the sentence “Uncle Ewin Loves You! Grandma (your great grandma) says you look me”.

memang ada iras la eddie. yalah dah tentu darah daging he3.

dari bayi hinggalah besar menjadi kanak-kanak riang. sudah pasti seronok bersama mereka. apatah lagi mereka dari benih sendiri he3.

apa yang perlu dipastikan adalah acuan benih tersebut kah3.

wah baguslah eddie, terbukti ko sudah ada naluri seorang bapa. tapi untuk menjalankan tanggungjawab sbg bapa melalui benih sendiri, ko perlu lalui tanggungjawab sebagai suami dahulu he3.

betul la eddie, sebijik mcm kau. muka photostat.

and hey that’s the same thing i’m unsure about myself (as in good wife of course)

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