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Harga iPad Mini?

Since I inherited my iPad 2 to my mom, I’m pretty much left tablet-less, which is a good thing, it’s time for a new toy, iPad Mini sounds like a good candidate. Despite the year long wait, iPad Mini comes with a lot of set backs.

Harga iPad Mini? 1

1. Pixel Per Inch. iPad Mini ONLY packs a 163 ppi. This means a retina display will come out next year or the year after. It’s same marketing gimmick played by Apple, give users bit by bit.

2. Processor. This is the same processor as iPad2 using A5 chip and that is sooo last year. iPad2 can be sluggish at times, but overall it worked well. But I’m a little disappointed that the spec is mediocre.

3. Price. In US it’s selling at USD 329. In Malaysia the price should be around RM 1050- 1100. That’s pretty expensive for something you don’t really use that often.

I thought iPad Mini would’ve nailed it, sadly it took me a step back. Now I see Apple differently. They are not as enticing as they used to be, not good enough to feed this ever hungry iFag.

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i heard that apple is running out of innovative and awesome ideas ever since steve jobs had passed away. it is rumored that he is the sole person who have kept all the so-called awesome sketches of concept-look and ideas and that none of the current apple staff-members had access to them. so wonder their recent products are kinda ‘bleh’ only. such a pity, no?

I personally think Apple is on the verge of death. It’s like a timed bomb. It will go off once they stop innovating. And they will be back to their own core business, selling a computer.

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