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Hantu Gadget, Harap Maaf

I am terribly sorry if I’m just focusing on shoving my thoughts about the HTC Desire Z. Truthfully, the phone excites me most at this point of time. I have to admit, I am obsessed with the phone and what it can do to make life simpler.

From a light user, I became a very heavy mobile user. No thanks to HTC Desire Z. While we were dating (Aisyah and me), a conversation sparked:

Best ke HTC tu?“, she asked honestly. I nodded, with my head down and pouting lips. I felt embarrassed. Ashamed of being a geek.

You rase mana warne sesuai?“, again her voice echoed in my ear drums but I did not stop. The excitement is almost never ending. I said yellow but she was holding out a red and blue pants.

While having sushi, I was focused on the phone more than anything else. Aisyah being very understanding, ordered my favorite dishes and took some from the conveyor belt. Such a darling.

As we head back to the LRT, I can’t help but to sympathize myself. I’ve become a ghost, I’m there but not actually there. I pity Aisyah. I hope she understands, that as much as I love the phone, I love her most. So, the quicker I get this over with, the quicker I can get back on track.

And I’m also deeply sorry to my readers, I’m sure you don’t really want to read the never ending HTC Desire Z reviews and making you envying me (if ever). Just a few more days, and you can read the usual stuff again. Promise!

ps: Published from HTC Desire Z.. live blogging from the bed! Hahaha

pss: See I can relate a phone and my love life 🙂

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