Green Lantern: Is It Really 6.6/10?

Green Lantern: Is It Really 6.6/10? 1

On Thursday I had the luxury of watching Green Lantern with my fiance. The commotion around was so immense, I find it hard to resist. Plus it’s Ryan Reynold, a legend in Van Wilder and Blade Trinity. And yes, this is a spoiler.

IMDB rated 6.6/10. Personally anything above 6 is to watch at cinema. Somehow I find it otherwise.

Truth be told, the movie was not paced properly. Sometimes it’s too slow, and sometimes it’s too fast. Just when the story peaked, it got cut off. It’s like doing yourself but stopped half way through. Where’s in the pleasure in that?

The fighting scene was rather boring. I think I have a better imagination than that! The hero was quick to win and never really endured hardship like Rocky 3, where he lost a friend, unfit but trained himself in a woodshed and won the fight against Russian crowds. I gotta admit, new superheroes are sooo emotionally attached, it did occur to me, super heroes so weak-minded meh?

When we walked out of the cinema, I told AR, they should just rename the movie to Green Lame. I was fighting against dozing off not only once, not twice but thrice! Watching the makcik’s reaction when Green Lantern was beating the crap out of the villain was even more thrilling.

I guess it’s the kind of expectations you anticipated. But if you have the bandwidth, go download a Green Lantern animation. I assure you find it more amusing than this.

For this movie, I give a 5/10.

What I don’t get, how can being afraid or fear be a source of power? Lame… Ryan Reynold had no choice, I guess it’s due to his terrible divorce to Scarlett. Nevertheless, still is amongst my fave star, minus this movie of course.

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9 replies on “Green Lantern: Is It Really 6.6/10?”

Script die best, fight scene menarik, actor lagi mantap. Pompuan lagi lawa, cerite lebih realistic. Tp kire x adil gak, pasal semua org tau kisah troy dan Rom. Mungkin bukan taste ko kot tgk cite lame2.

Cite green lantern ni kalau compare dgn spiderman, batman baru la kategori yg betul.

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