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Gossip Girl?

I spent the long weekend visiting grandma in Penang. She isn’t exactly bed ridden, the doctors wanted to keep her there.

As much as I like being on the look out (for doctors), I hate hospitals. They’re filled with sick people and palliatives, which got me thinking, how hard it must be for them. In many cases, patient have to fork out tonnes of money, although they know, they’re not getting any better. Yeah, health is one crooked service industry. Which explains why I didn’t stroll along the hall or explore new blocks and spent the entire time in grandma’s room.

On other note, I finally got a hold of Gossip Girl season 1 from Batu Ferringgi. Honestly, I don’t do drama, nor do I dig it’s hot casts. It’s pretty similar to the OC’s except in New York.

My taste of tv series revolves around witty and fast-paced conversation. It also needs to be a little warm or at least a moral I can conclude at the end of story.

Gossip girl is for ‘blonde’. Its slow progression, self centered characters, posh lives and popularity deprived, made me wonder why I watched it in the first place or why it got 8 stars on IMDB.

But I finished watching anyway ❓

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16 replies on “Gossip Girl?”

as much as you hate to admit it, you managed to finish watching it, right?

haha… a little catfight and shallow self-centered bitchiness can never hurt anybody.

for me, G.Girl is like the bam diggidy. the shitzle to my nitzle. can’t live enough without blair’s cold hard staring. hahaha…

am i obsessing? probably.

Hahha.. finally someone got hook.. I got addicted to GG as soon I watch the 1st episode. The story is much fun as the twist in the drama can be so funny.. especially Blair character.. You should go on with the 2nd season.. More fun when it involve Rufus and Lily conversation..

GG is a good show la bro. their lines sume best2 esp dan’s. go for 2nd season. w00t!

Haha you’re just too funny! You rambled about Gossip Girl and in the end, you said that you’ve finished watching it 😀 I’m yet to get my hands on GG season 1 (darn, should’ve gotten it from a friend before I return to Malaysia) but I heard it’s a really funny movie with a lot of potential cat fight scenes *meow*. I am a big fan of witty movies also, not to mention fast-paced ones because I’ll fall asleep if everything is too slow. That probably explains why I love watching Ugly Betty and Devil Wears Prada (and the book!).

Sorry to hear about your grandma being hospitalised, I hope she’s a lot better now. It’s really nice of you to visit hear although you’re busy with work. She’s so lucky to have such a sweet grandson like you.

I never liked hospitals. I thought Singapore hospitals will be slightly better but no – I was admitted to ER during the middle of the semester and they made me wait 6 hours before getting a room 😕 money spins the world round and round.

I finished watching because I bought the DVD. It’ll be waste if I throw it out the window.

Most of their line is predictable, so far, nothing amuses me.

aku layan season 1 jerk .. 2 blom lagi .. xder masa nk download ..

and btw season 1 bukan aku yg download tapi adik perempuan aku .. since dia dah guna ext hard disk aku .. aku pon layan sekali ..

gg best la! :up:
tho it’s a bit weird kalau guys yg cakap camtu. really. i’ve never thought guys are into this kind of show. 😛

I watch GG until season 2. I got addicted to it. Can’t wait for next episod or next season.

But the weird thing is they always changing their partners in the circumstance. I love Chuck characteristic, he crazy dude in the stories.

Welcome to the upper east site of Manhattan Elite.. The show about ‘anak org kaya²’.. Me like this show.. Melekat sampai sekarang.. Well..


I’ll pass. I want my 24. :up: Fast paced. Conversations, a lot. Hot chicks, every now and then. Politics.

Sorry to hear about your grandma. Hope all is good.

Err… I don’t like this kind of series. Typical blonde’s love story with gossips all around. Hahah.

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