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Good Writer Alienates People

Good Writer Alienates People 1

Over the past few years, I’ve made a new circle of friends, namely bloggers and twitter-ers. There’s Bongkersz, Aeropama, AzmanIshak, Kujie, Qiilans87, Icenyior, Kruel74, SembangKomputer, Tekong, Bat, Wfxyz and many more.

When I started blogging, I had one thing in mind; to make trivial things matter. Anything under my radar, I wrote. I stitched my ego and laced it with emotions. And I believe I’ve succeeded that.

But the more I write, the more I derailed from my original goal.

At some point it got too emotional, sometimes too geeky, often times, it doesn’t make any sense at all. I figured what the hell, I’m just doing this for fun. But later kinship got involved. What IF my kids read my blog? Wouldn’t it be awkward? Ok maybe that’s a little far off, but the possibility is still there.

Some even noted that I might find my wife amongst my reader. If kids were far off, this is wishful thinking.

Then I got involved, physically. I interact with people. Everyone knows who’s behind NH. This is where I got dull.

I lost my freedom to write about people. The more audience I gained, the lesser things I can write. Eventually it comes to a point where I am being cautious about what is written here. It got even worst when someone texted me, “Did you write about me?” or “Dude, if you’re mad at me, talk to me-lah, don’t go public”.

I became reserved, so are the people around me. That indirectly narrows down my exceptional ability to exaggerate on matters. I am now known as the bluntest knife in the kitchen.

When topics go down to zero, I turned to books, hoping to re-ignite my dying wicked thoughts. Unfortunately, it got worst when I knew I know nothing.

So the lesson learn here is, less is more.

I can no longer bitch about people. No longer walk all over them. No longer write the way I used to, unless, I change my game plan. But that wouldn’t be NH anymore would it?

ps: Remember, NH is just an alter ego.

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alahai si eddie… boleh menulis, tapi kali ni hang kene matang sikit la dalam bercerita. rasanya tak perlu aku ajar sebab hang adalah master aku.

sekarang ni orang pon dah kenai hang… apa yang perlu hang tegaskan dalam blog adalah:- “NH is something different depp inside me. It’s a part of me but not mine.” that’s what i’m understand NH stand for befor this.

erk.. ketepikan apa yang nko tulis dan apa yang kita lalui hari ke hari dalam kehidupan harian. NH is a world that you’ve created. so let it be with the rulus.

just keep it up bro. kadang kala kita terpaksa mengabaikan nasihat orang lain yang kadang-kala merasakan dirinya betoi. Even mereka menyampaikan nasihat berguna sedangkan merepa pon tak betoi. sapa yang betoi… kita semua pon tadek satu yang pernah nak betoi…

We’re not standing behind you eddie… we’re beside you. so please keep on writing as NH ok.. and not as a N.N-gers haha… you’re rock~

By the way.. i’ve wrote a little bad news about En Megat. You may visit may blog with the latest entry there. Sadly to say.. he need a help and hope.

i know exactly how you feel.

my friends read my blog. sadly (haha) i can’t be a bitch (to them & their friend OR anyone else they knew) anymore. writing is no fun when i have to be careful with what i write.

i wanted to be anonymous. but that’s no fun either.


Rasanya ungkapan ‘Blog aku,aku punya pasal lah!’ dah tak boleh pakai,hehehe.

kalo aku,rasa segan sangat bila ada orang especially antara ahli keluarga dan sedara mara tegur pasal blog.
Rasa macam eerkk,depa baca blog aku ar. Segan.

Tapi dalam masa yang sama,nak ramai orang baca.
Gila kan? hahahahaha

Noted about megat. Sedih siot bace pasal die. Bile pikir-pikir balik, aku rase syukur gile aku dilahirkan dalam keluarga serba lengkap. InsyaAllah cukup bulan, aku sogok skit die. Amin

Well, if there’s one thing I learnt, people tend to be able to find you on the net. That’s why I chose to write about videogames instead. I don’t feel entirely comfortable with the idea of “kutuking” someone that I know on my blog, maybe it was cool when I was younger, but it’s not cool now. What’s on the net can come back and bite you in the ass.

less is more..

I like that words. ;P oh by the way, kita merancang Tuhan yang tentukan.. but no worries, just keep on writing tak kisah about apa pun. your blog is one of interesting blogs… itu yang penting. hehe.. ;P

although i dont comment on it much, but i check on your blog secara regularly tau.


ps i dah baca 2 kali kowt post nie T.T dalam email, and today baca lagi.. macam bengong kan aku nie? post yang latest tu xtau nak komen apa.. sbb as if i tengah dengar you bercerita lols.

i used to be super-excited to blog about something that i had done for that day; like going out on an awesome date or bought a cute shirt for example.

but then again as days goes by and i felt my love-counterpart becomes mundane cycle and my days of mall-crawl is NOT as exciting as the first time i blog about it (i mean come one, how many time can you write about your trip to MidValley in an exciting manner ~ unless someone fell from the rooftop or something).

later i develop new style of writing as i read and digests books and stuff. i tends to write in prose, in short punches of sentences and let my reader think (well… ada reader ke blog aku? haha..) and it seems to work.

i guess blog-writing is more of self-development. try to browse your kaput entries and i bet you’ll laugh at how you used to write stuff those days. haha. ^^,

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