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Golfing 101

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Last weekend I went to the driving range with Mind. Our friendship go way back 15 years ago and we’re pretty much comfortable with each other. Considering both of us are beginners, we decided to settle at the corner. Far from superior golfers.

Mind was having problem getting the ball to go up, so was I. Our shots were inconsistent. Sekejap left, sekejap right,sekejap tak kene langsung. But we didn’t laugh at each other and put in more effort.

Out of no where an old timer lauded, “Dik, blajar pitching laa dulu. Kalau pitching tak lepas, jangan harap nak pukul dengan kayu lain. Golf ni bahaya kalau tak reti main.

It wasn’t what he said that annoyed us, it was his tone. Pure sarcasm.

But we remained calm and continued with our remaining shots. At 50 balls, Mind decided to retire. I guess he lost his confidence to that old bugger. Poor guy, he wanted to practice, instead got a mental beating.

Yesterday, I revisited the driving range. I got the same spot. The old man was there.

I was no where near average. I was getting worst. My swing was off, so was the target. It was a poor sight. The old man said, “belajar pitching dulu, baru datang driving range“. Somehow what he said got me. Here I am, trying my best to land a good shot and there he was, being Simon Cowell of golf.

Another 20 shots, still, I couldn’t get it right.

That old man turned to me and said, “buang duit je kau main golf“.

This is it. This is as far as I’ll let anyone walk all over me (and my friend). This old fart needs a foot up his ass and I’ll gladly volunteer. I rolled up my sleeves, turned my cap the other way around, put the club on my back and held a ball in my hand. Deep inhale…

Wey hitam, diam-lah.”

That was probably the rudest thing I’ve ever said in 2010 and I believe I was right in doing so. Sometimes old farts needs a slap on the head, even dato’ too. He turned around and pretended like he never engaged me.

Come on lah uncle, we come here to practice our swings. If our house is a 9 hole course, we wouldn’t even bother setting our foot here. So, pikir lah skit. Besides, whether it’s my money or dad’s, it’s our money. We can do what ever we want with it.

ps: I felt pretty bad telling that old man off. I guess we’re all bound by our eastern quality, hormat yang tua, no matter how westernize we think we are. Oh well, at least I didn’t throw the ball nor swing the club I was holding. Mental remarks cukup lah.

pss: To shut someone up, you only 3 words. Wey (some low-blow remarks), (what you want them to do)! Example, Wey Ayam, berak-lah! Trust me, it’s the quickest way to get out of confrontational talks.

psss: I didn’t teach you this and you didn’t learn it from me. Ok?

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25 replies on “Golfing 101”

haahhh pasni i bole la marah org camtu
eddie yg ajar 😛 hahaha

btw i know how that feeling
cam annoying gile esp when i’m not good at something
pastu tgh desperately trying to do it right
dtg plak manusia dgn komen2 camtu

nasib baik kesabaran masih terkawal ye bro,haha
test swing sekali kat kepala dia,tengok brape jauh kepala dia pergi 😛

orang tua zaman sekarang banyak yang tak betul dari yang betul. bila kita cuba nak memperbetul, dikatanya kita kurang ajar.

dunia… dunia 🙂

Aku paling tak tahan kalau dorg ade kepercayaan karut, contoh, duduk atas bantal nanti bisul. Dari zaman Sultan Melake dulu, dorg duduk atas bantal, tade plak bisul. Siot betul

Aku selalu balik kampung main kat Klebang, Perak..Baru nak bertatih juga..Biras aku ajar men golf ni.

memang payah.cara pegang club pun aku tak reti.tapi, belajar jugaklah.nasib biras aku yang ajar. aku agak, ada dekat 100 biji bola dah habis, baru aku dapat swing betul. Memula pun pakai no.7 punya. Belajar pakai tu dulu.

Cuma apa pengalaman aku ajar, masa swing jgn cepat2 tengok mana bola tu pergi.lepas dah habis swing, baru up face. baru la naik bola aku tu..kaki kiri berhadapan dengan bola.

susah jugak lah main golf ni.tu pun baru belajar men kat driving range jer.

kadang2 orang tua ni expect sebab die tua.. die ade kuasa untuk cakap ape saje kat orang muda ni. and die rase kite xkan lawan cakap die…

sebenarnye, tak kesahlah orang tu tua atau muda.. kalau cara menegur tu betul… sure kite boleh terima kan?

but, i don’t have the courage to say it out loud like you did… huhu

eddie, i think…i need to ask a little favor from you. I did something stupid to my comp, and i dont know where to turn to. you reckon you online ym anytime soon?

P/s : probably after like 5 pm here ( so about 1 am msia) sbb im in hosp all day. if you are already asleep by then, its ok, ill catch you some other time 😉

Edwin, you are officially teaching me to said bad words. haha kidding.

haizz, being a seventeen in this kind of world really lethargic because eastern people are more likely to lost their good behaviour, i don’t mean you, i mean the older people thinks that they have rights to bully younger person. which shows that even old people lost their morality,
been there, done that.

That was DAMN AWESOME, dude!

Thank you for that. I was boiling that day, and the best way to handle that is to shut up, or I’ll probably beat his ass up with my iron.

We’ll have a swing again there nanti, and this time, allow me to shut him up. Hahaha.

PS: He didn’t hit the balls that good too. Sunglasses je lebey. Poyo. =)

i don’t understand ppl who don’t like other ppl berjaye in anything.. obviously pakcik tu live in ‘terlalu bahagie’ world that he doesn’t feel any responsibility to teach other ppl.

ntah2 anak2 dier pon dier x ajar. huhu

It’s not that he didn’t want us to succeed in hitting the balls, it’s just that he actually feels there’s no room there for rookies.

At least, that was what I thought. All in all, he’s just an old fart.

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