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Give Your Blog a New Home

If you happen to be amongst Extremist Thinker‘s reader, you’ll get the following error.

Exceed Bandwidth

How could anyone ever possibly fry their bandwidth? I’ve been trying to do that since I started blogging. (Not because I want to be popular, unfortunately, but to test the server load)

Well pal, if your annual hosting is closing in, then I suggest you check out this deal by IPServerOne.

Although it is a bit expensive (RM200), but with that price tag, you get 10 domains on one account (10 www’s), 100Gb transfer and space. If you’re a cheapskate, find 9 bloggers and share the account. You’ll be paying RM20 per domain. That’s dirt cheap.

Your first bet is Lochoe and TheBanker, who is on blogspot. We (Bongkersz, aeropama, SembangKomputer, Callister, Life4Hire and NH) are against blogspot but our favorites resides there.

Here’s 7 reasons why you need to move.

  1. Most company banned domain, so who’s going to read your blog?
  2. Having your own domain can boost your ads click.
  3. Your own signature, style or what ever.
  4. Custom feature. Either build your own or download it.
  5.  When you earn ads, you pay your hosting. That will keep it alive.
  6. Ok, only 5, who’s counting?

Ready to jump and overthrow the bandwagon?

ps: If you think I’m just making fun of you, then I am. But I’m also telling you facts.

pss: Some of you might guess why I’m writing like this today.. if you can, please leave in the commenting area.

psss: Money will snowball to charity 😀

pssss: NN bodoh gile!

By NoktahHitam

I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

84 replies on “Give Your Blog a New Home”

all that technology talk gives me a headache.
I for one will stick to whatever is simplest.
(blogspot or otherwise)

Life is complicated enough.

aku nak bagi cadangan skit la kat korang denga citer pasal bandwith2 ni. walopun xbrape kenal tapi tak pelah.kalo korang nak wat domain sendiri, aku cadangkanlah member akunyer server sealserver tak pun pegi blog dia hanep blog. kut-kut boleh la bantu sape2 nak bandwith agak tinggi dgn harga yg memang murah sangat. domain satu jer la, 1 gb space, 10gb bandwith harga bwh sratus termasuk .com. mmg murah la…

kalo macam aku ni memang tak sesuai sbenarnya buat blog.maleh nak nyembang pasalnyer..angkut satu domain ingat nak wat website dulu, tapi mmbr ku cdng wat blog, aku test jer la dlu gne wordpress.blaja2.benda alah ni mmg aku tak paham dulu,bukn bdng aku, tapi test skit2 ok la.
ps:/don’t be so wicked dud. just so so ok, but dont wicked with Him.

my first blog pakai blogdrive.
and honestly.. terima kasih blogdrive but i don’t like u anymore. hihi.

pakai blogspot.. and wordpress..

and actually..
when i blog.. i tend to do my own layout..
malang sekali.. i don’t have any domain or hosting or whatever.. so i’m stuck with blogspot..

wordpress.. memang kacak.. tapinya terpaksa remain inactive..kesianlah. apakan daya.. tak boley hidup dengan memakai 100% layout orang lain. so.. wordpress simpan dulu.. blogspot mari dekat saye.. haha.

oke. padan muka.
anyway.. blog is just a blog.
tak kisahlah pakai wordpress.. blogspot or apa-apa pun..
for me of course.
lain orang.. lain pendapat dan pendapatannye..

Hi. Im assuming you are a comp genius. If its alright, can I ask you about my comp?

If its of no relevant here, don’t bother to accept =)

p/s: btw, u’ve got a nicely written blog!

Its that a green light for me to pop a question then?

Tapi, u don’t mind ke if I just ask you here ?

p/s: well, you are a comp genius enuf to use language, people like me wont be able to understand =)

Oopps..did i just freak you out?No worries!

Im just seeking an advice from an expert =)

Ok here goes ;

My laptop ni keeps turning off abruptly for no apparent reason..You have any idea why is that…?

p/s : btw, read that u are not well atm. Get well soon =)

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