Girls, Don’t Lose Weight!

Am I fat?” has always been one of the toughest question to answer, and it doesn’t pay if you answer them honestly. They’ll be self loathing and what follows next is the “I need to diet” exclamation.

In writing this post, I hope to convince the Eve party not to diet (unless obese).

Whoever give you the impression Kiera Knightley is hot? Well, neck up, she is, anything below is a walking match stick. Let’s put Scarlett Johansson into equation. I’m dead sure boys would drool over her more than Kiera.

Ok, that seems rather sexual.

Truth is, boys would prefer someone who’s normal or slightly above, BMI 23 to 26. Enough talk, let’s put this into vote.

*Only Guys can vote. Girls and Gays, stay away*

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71 replies on “Girls, Don’t Lose Weight!”

ada lagi ka pompuan yg tanya soklan tu?..i find it very cheesy dan mengada2 kalo pompuan zaman skang tanya bf benda tuh..

maybe kalo xda apa nk sembang kot..just to fill the silence ke..atau pon aku rasa pompuan ni mcm kena at least sbln skali kena merajuk so dia cari la reason2 utk merajuk..haha

soklan tu mmg put the BF in a really uncomfortable situation..pastuh terpaksa la kita si lelaki ni guna the three-tier-response;puji-truth-puji..(or more tier if she is jenis xleh terima kenyataan..haha)..

“no honey,u r fine”
“but maybe ur arm a bit …mm..u know..gendang gendut tali kecapi”
“other than that,top notch..perfecto!..muah..sayang!”

ps;hahaha i’m having so much fun commenting this..maybe sugar rush.

yup, you got all the points right there dude..
I’ll go for Scarlett Johansson..
but they both are hot!!
Btw girls, no need to put so much effort on your weight, except that you are obese then its a must do routine.
way the go NH!!

callister nye BMI underweight gak ke?

Habis tu NH, kalau mmg dah badan camni sejak azali, kesian kitorg..huhu

p/s : i think i have two separate BMI’s i.e for my face and for my body. LOL

Wohoo. My BMI is just 21! But I DO look fine. Definitely not as skinny as Kiera but not as firm as Scarlet. But I myself prefer something like Drew Barrymore’s. She IS not skinny. Am I right?

eyh Sarah…dekat2 la BMI kite…saye punye BMI tambah 10 je dari awak…ahaks…Incik Taboo, saye menge’vote’ Kiera…tak suke Scarlett…gigi cam Duckula…hahahahahaha….

p/s: Bro, NZ tannik, yeppek?

Callister, tengok pada gene and bones jugak la. kalau badan cam awak tu, tak yah la sesusah nak tunggu dah kawen baru nak naik, makan banyak tong pun sama tetap tak naik jugak kan? heheheh

untung badan cam awak. leh makan selalu. huhuh ๐Ÿ˜ณ

The other day I passed this health-check booth in a mall and decided to give it a go. At the time I was with a friend who was really proud of her weight, as she was about 15 kgs lighter than me. You know how annoying these type of girls can be, they constantly fish for compliments by complaining that they’re f.a.t.

So anyway after the health check, the dietitian told her (and all her proud skinniness) that she was unhealthily underweight and had 30% fat, with low bone mass (low in calcium) and inadequate amount of water. I had 34% fat, and I’m supposed to be 15 kilos heavier than her.

How ironic. Tak jadik member tu nak berlagak dengan die pnye slim.

oh satu geng lang BMI is slightly 2 units more than you..but still underweight

dont worry callister, it’s the confidence that matters =)

p/s : ha ah..pipi saye mcm lemon..nak peluk best, peluk pipi sendiri LOL

seriously .. peluk yg kurus cekeding tak best lah .. scarlett, sexy! Kiera – a turn off .. really. if peluk resa macam peluk ranting kot. kurang empuk ni tak best

The chubbier, the more huggable girls are, eh?
Equates to, the chubbier the better? ๐Ÿ˜†

But tongue never lies. When men get mad, they always tell the truth.

“Dah la awak tu gemuk, ni nak demand itu ini. Susah betul ada awek macam ni”

That’s what we don’t want to hear. Hehe. Okay. I rest my case. Anyway girls, BMI isn’t everything to tell whether u’re slim, chubby or fat. Practicing good diet and exercise are the simplest way to lead a healthy life. Healthy is more important than beauty, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

hehe..that is one of the very good reason why sometimes i preferred my skinny body..
ape2 hal senang nk dukung…
kalo sakit ke ape ke…
xda la berat nk dukung… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜›

oh tidak nono..
sometimes i mkn pun jaga jugak sb takut tibe2 metabolism i wat lawak dia malas nk bekerja pulak ke..
x ke naya… ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

yeah sometimes i jeles gak tgk orang yang pakai baju boleh muat badan tapi bile i pakai banyak je ruang kosong..
huhu.. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

tapi ape2 pun, i tetap bersyukur.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

terpulang pada diri sendiri. sama jugak macam saya. tapi selagi saya rasa confident dengan diri saya, saya tak kisah akan saiz. kalau kita fikir pandangan orang lain, memang smp bila hidup kita tak tenang.

so apa pun diri kita jugak kan. tapi kalau gemuk smp ada penyakit, then it’s better be kurus la. takut nanti melarat kesihatan kita. susah! tak leh makan sedap nanti.. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

the way i see it, as long as ure happy with the way you look, okla ๐Ÿ™‚ thats the only way ure gonna feel confident with yourself, and once u have confidence yg lain will fall to place in the nick of time.

biala that girl nak kurus ke nak berisi, janji die happy. regardless org nak die berisi ke kurus ke, suka hati die la x? badan die kot?


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