Girls, Don’t Lose Weight!

Am I fat?” has always been one of the toughest question to answer, and it doesn’t pay if you answer them honestly. They’ll be self loathing and what follows next is the “I need to diet” exclamation.

In writing this post, I hope to convince the Eve party not to diet (unless obese).

Whoever give you the impression Kiera Knightley is hot? Well, neck up, she is, anything below is a walking match stick. Let’s put Scarlett Johansson into equation. I’m dead sure boys would drool over her more than Kiera.

Ok, that seems rather sexual.

Truth is, boys would prefer someone who’s normal or slightly above, BMI 23 to 26. Enough talk, let’s put this into vote.

*Only Guys can vote. Girls and Gays, stay away*

By NoktahHitam

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71 replies on “Girls, Don’t Lose Weight!” ke susah nak dpt ? mine is 22.2… ๐Ÿ˜€

but for us chubby quite hard to find good jeans..kalau kat peha dah ok..kat bahagian pinggang besau pulak..its always like tat… ๐Ÿ™

I’ve been chubby and fat my whole life. I ain’t lying. the highest peak of my weight was 75 kg and I’m 160 cm tall.

and through that period… no guys ever looked at me. None.

oh wait…! how silly. Now I remember… there are guys who did check me out… and it turns out that they checked me out because they were more interested to make fun out of my weight rather than to know me better.

anyway, I’m way over the weight issue. I don’t live in this world to please guys.

160cm, 75kg, wow, more to love! (I mean that)

Too bad the guys around you are mean. Go find a new circle of friends who’s interested what you are inside. Who makes you walk taller and glide your way across the hall.

kalau pempuan tanya aku camni. kalau betul dia gemok. aku kata je dia gemok. tapi serius, dia gemok ke atau tak. aku kata depa gemok..

Ps: Hujung cite, semua maki hamun aku. haha.. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Haha. Really? I should’ve met ppl like you back then… so that I wouldn’t have to go through that self-insecure phase.

Btw, at 75kg, I had too many health problems, clothing problems, social problems and etc. So I’ve shed the kilos anyway. currently my BMI stands at 24. guess I’m the Scarlett Johansson’s type. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have to admit what you said is true. I did ask my boyfriend whether he likes skinny girls or voluptuous girls better. He said he prefer the latter. Skinny girls (like Keira Knightly) are unattractive… they don’t have curves and as if they are walking sticks. he’s the type yang tak cover-cover bila cakap. main lepas je… so I take whatever he says as honest as he can get.

and he always go bonkers when I said when I’m on a diet. but I’m still on a diet anyway. I did it just to ease my self-conscious… not to please him. hehe.

Skinny girls? Give me a table to hump, it makes no difference. Hugging a lamp post is better than a skinny girl. At least lamp post got roundish curve hahahaha!

Point is, to look healthy (and sexually attractive? lol!). Scarlet definitely looks healthier and ‘yummier’ than Kiera. Anyway, I don’t vote because I think Marie Digby is way much hotter than both girls in the poll =P

ps: Naked skinny girls are fugly.. it’s hard to get hard seeing one I THINK. That said, having curves at right places sure better than just thin and flat all over.

haha…i second you on stating that marie digby is wayy hotter than those 2 girls.

glad to know that there’s someone who doesn’t follow the typical flow of mind who thinks skinny girl is a goer..

yet,the ugly truth is, there’s still bunch of guys out there who need to be mind polished…

totally agree with you!!
thigh is always the problem…it makes u end up buying jeans with big waist..I find that I can slip through my jeans even when it is buttoned..

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