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Ghost Sightings: Hantu Car Park

When I tell people I could see things, extraordinary ones, they think I’m lying. Telling me I’m a fraud, bla bla … but I never took these things to heart.

Dont Look Back

Anyway, here’s something I got from my uncle, ghost sightings, captured on camera. Being the curious sapien I am, I zoomed as close as possible to see whether this is photoshop-ed. Still remains unanswered.

The original picture is big, 300kb, at least twice my screen size.

Dont Look Back

Here’s the close up. I’m still wondering why it’s a Caucasian and not Asian.

If I were to ask, which of the following would you be afraid of most

  • Some punks acting no good
  • Problematic teens doing drugs in car park
  • Rapist on the loose
  • Car jacker
  • Harmless ghost

Oh well, just another manic Friday.

ps: Deadline eddie, deadline!

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41 replies on “Ghost Sightings: Hantu Car Park”

For real?

Nampak ‘bayangan kelibat’ pernah la. Tapi hantu ada nauzubillah. Tak jumpa pon takpe.

geez..right after i saw the above mentioned picture…i smell something, u know, harum meremang bulu…

but then again, probably a friend of mine applying attar on his baju melayu.

woooo…..ghost in the car park.maybe dia nak tumpang somebody go somewhere.why not asian?because the hair is too long you cant see their face.(remember Ju-on? πŸ˜› )

-keje ok?rambut ada losing lagi? 😐

baru jer lepas tengok citer hantu singapura jap tadi. πŸ™‚
terasa plak macam ada org jer dok kat belakang skang nie..tengok ok lah..jgn cuit sudah.ehehe..

teringat plak hantu jepun masa kat asrama.nak2 plak dibulan kemerdekaan nie…berkeliaran lar hantu jepun ni.

Is that real? I received it from a friend email not long ago…

Sometime, something really exist, but we just too lucky that we don’t see them, that all…

Err.. nasib baik I wasn’t alone while reading this post.
Meremang bulu roma. Huhu.. πŸ˜₯

Is that for real? I heard a lot of stories. The latest was from my own parents when they went to Bandung. There’s some sort of a black figure on one of the photos taken there. Tapi bukan my parents yang kena. His friends punya photo. Then bila that guy balik Malaysia, die terus jatuh sakit. Huhu.. ❓

It sounds logical to me for an Asian to see non-Asian ghost. Since the original photo is 300kb, would you mind to email a copy to me for investigation as well. Thank you.

Definitely photoshopped.

My answer to your q: Rapist on the loose

I actually captured a ghost on video, so I think it was, it was somewhat a brownish furrish shadow that passed by, happened before I passed out for a couple of seconds as I was possessed. Back in the hostel. Years ago. I’ve 4 or 5 witnesses in that room.

And my friend could see these entities, she described how it looked like, which was similar to what was seen in the video.

I saved the video on a DVD, but it’s badly scratched, kinda hard to retrieve it. I’ve been planning to dig it out and try to investigate again.

I beleive! But that photo is photoshopped lah. It’s a bit too clear, looks somewhat graphic.

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