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GdayxKL – Google Business Outreach Programme

On Sunday morning, I attended GDayX KL with my colleague from Mesiniaga. The abbreviation doesn’t describe much, but in my opinion it stands for Google Day Experience. The event is about connecting entrepreneurs, leveraging on Google Tools, G plus etc.

GdayxKL - Google Business Outreach Programme 1

It started of with the keynote from business outreach program manager, who’s in charge of the South East Asia region. Then notes by the head of Google Malaysia. He talk about the rising in internet users in Malaysia. YES CEO came and delivered his speech, I’ve got to say, hands down to YES on the education platform built for Kementrian Pelajaran Malaysia. The execution is important to make this happen.

GdayxKL - Google Business Outreach Programme 2

The second session was with established  online business users. There was the owner of, nails on wheels, and picture framing business. They shared a lot of tips on building business online. What I learned from them was,

  1. Just do it. Thinking about the strategy too much won’t get your anywhere.
  2. Do loads of marketing. Hire bloggers, pay for adswords and offer promotions to existing customers
  3. Focus on users. Find ways to help your customer, not on creating profits.

GdayxKL - Google Business Outreach Programme 3

I have to applaud Google’s effort in engaging with their potential or existing customer, however loose ends must be tied. I believe the content is far too light. It should be what Google can do for business. Story telling about how a business starts by using Google products.

Secondly, the attendees were mainly geeks and students, not that I disagree with them, but I do have a feeling they know all this stuff so their challenge is not how to get online, but what? There were very little business owners there (as far as I can spot).

Thirdly, the discrimination of seats. There was media, normal and extra. We got the extra, and it was close to nothing. We can’t sit in front, it’s medias. No goodie bag or identification tag. The target market is business users, why are they sidelined? I guess these are the things they can work on.

We didn’t stay until the second half of the day since we have chores due (at least I do!). I have to thank Amanz for highlighting the event.

Do check out GdayX KL website. Between you and me, if you know the how to’s of blogspot, google plus and familiar with all Google products, and most importantly have an entrepreneur’s mindset, this could be for you. Go there and get inspired.

Overall, I enjoyed the event. Compared that with lazing around, this is a million times better. I look forward to attend more.

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